I’m making a book!

I have been writing a book that I will hopefully publish in a while, but for now I will only show a sneak peek. So far I have been working on this for somewhere around 4 or 5 months, so I am quite far through. I do not spend very much time on it each day, but I do put a lot of effort in. Enjoy!

                                               CHAPTER 1                                  

           To protect the names of those who were less fortunate, or more accurately, more unfortunate than I was, I will not go into extreme detail and not what happened that night. I will say, however, that something terrible did happen that night. They targeted us directly, the ones that knew, so I am putting you in danger by simply telling you. If anyone asks, you have never, ever read this book, you have no idea what Xxane Corp Industries is, and you were nowhere near the incident. 

          Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, I guess I’ll have to tell you about what happened that night, now that you seem way more interested than you should be. My name is Jack Tanner, and I was at a school dance with my friend Ashton Scott at my middle school in Oklahoma. Well, we weren’t quite at the dance, really, we were in the computer lab screwing around with the coding in different programs. 

          We stumbled across a random website, I have no idea how we found it by the way, and we entered our names in. We always thought that it was hilarious when google and other different websites tried to figure out who we were. At this one website, however, I put in my name, my friend watching closely, and it took us to a new page. This one was called β€˜Xxane Corp Industries’. My friend and I read through part of it, not understanding what it meant. What I did understand of this writing, was that it was part of another country. I had figured out that by the time that the computer shut down, that by the drawings, it was somehow part of their military program from the sketches of missiles and odd-looking vehicles I had never seen before

11 thoughts on “I’m making a book!

  1. Hooked by the end of the very first sentence!!! I am intrigued to know how the last sentence ends; or else it just does and you meant to add or leave out the punctuation? Love it either way!!!


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