The Longer Drive


We have had so much fun over the past few days, and we have been so happy to spend our time in Las Vegas and good old California! All good things do, however, come to an end. We’ve went riding around on scooters, built a patio in under 2 hours, and had a lot of fun watching great classic movies such as Warcraft, Avengers, and Indiana Jones #2. Before we left today, however, we were able to take one last look around the neighborhood on our scooters. We explored an unexplored area in a long drainage ditch, and we used it as a half pipe and rode around and did tricks. We practiced our Bo-Staffs and Weapon forms along with our NunChucks. We hurt ourselves just a little, which is supposed to happen when you use wooden weapons. Our dad went to run an errand, and when he was back we jumped into the car. This will be the last time we see California for a possible year, or just 2 months, so we were glad we made it count. We were also getting ready for an even LONGER ride back than before.

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