Planning is Stressful


Even though we just got home from a relaxing trip, worry and stress are now back. In approximately a short 2 and a half months, we have to be out of our house and on the road. My family and I are always trying to constantly get things done around the house, and so far we’ve been doing ok. A garage Sale is taking place the next day, which is starting at only 8:00… in the morning! We have, however, cleaned out the garage and the entire hidden room mostly out, so we are good on that. With our bedrooms and living rooms, and everything else to account for. I have been really hoping that things will turn around during these next few months, so we can have as much fun as my family and I could possibly have on our huge trip together!


6 thoughts on “Planning is Stressful

    • Yes, definitely! I will be going to hopefully all 48 inland states, maybe 47, and Canada as Well! I am hoping to spend a few days in Washington DC, as well as Toronto, as these are the places I am excited to go the most, and a LOT of different places like Boston, New York New York, and even Mt. Rushmore on my Birthday! There is going to be too much to say in one comment, but you will find out starting June 1st! I will also be continuing my blog after that, and before that I will notify about things happening about the trip such as updates. Thank you for taking the time to see some of my blogs as well!

      -Cross Country Life Blog-

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