Planning the Big Trip

Even though I myself can’t plan the trip, I can plan the investments. My parents have put me in charge of costs, like how much it will cost to go HERE, and how much it will cost to go THERE. I also must conserve my OWN money to help out. I have calculated that I will 100% get a total of $492 or more by the beginning of the trip. So far, I have planned that 14% of the money I will spend will for sure be on games, such as admission fees or candy that I decide to buy. I have also set aside $7.50 for arcades at resorts or candy vending machines for $0.25 each, which is well over enough. I have set aside another 6% for postcards and other items for my friends, and I have already set different contacts other an blogging so I can see them anyway. 64% of the money will go for traditional souvineers that can be found nowhere else. I am planning, since we are in the trailer, to get small souvineers that won’t be T-Shirts or Giant GiftShop items that will completely fill it past its living capacity. The last 16% will be random stuff that I will decide to buy if I’d like to, so it’s all under the category of “miscellaneous”.


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