Our Final House

We are finally at our last house we just moved into it, but we’re sleeping there now so it’s all good. We have a dog at this house, and that’s because it’s not actually our rental. Our parents good friends are letting us stay there while we take food care of their dog. His names buddy, which is a very interesting name. We are so close to the trip, that this is going to be one  of my last blog posts until the Trip starts! Wow!
Move into house #1          ✅

Move into house #2          ✅

Move into camper            ❌

One more X to take care of, everybody! Have a great summer everyone!

Red to BLACK

After undergoing tests, I have finally made it. The two day test for my black belt consisted of a long two-mile run, a football field of lunges, and 250 yards of wind-sprints for the physical test. Coming home, I texted some of my friends. I have not heard back from some of them, however since they are so busy around this time. I was really hoping to get it before the long trip and it took a long time of training. I have been performing these specific martial arts for 4.5 years now, and it’s finally payed off. It will also look REALLY good on my resume to becoming an anesthesiologist!


Everybody hates these. Everybody needs to experience them at some point in our lives. Yeah. everybody hates it when they need to say See ya later… Or even more so when you must say see you… well… see you never. In my yearbook I got a lot of fellow yearbook signings, most of which contain their numbers. Sadly, however, I will never be seeing any of them for at least a very long time. Maybe not even our closest friends. On this adventure, we will not see anybody we know in person for 7 (or more) Months.

I have found ways to get around it thoug. There are ups and downs. We will miss Christmas with our cousins and not experience holidays like we should. We won’t even have a Christmas tree, obviously. We will have, with modern day technology, Apple’s FaceTime. My friends do not however all have Apple, and samesung does not have FaceTime. So I had to get oovoo. Oovoo is a great app, however it is not nearly as good as FaceTime. It has bad quality. It uses adds. It glitches and malfunctions. 

Anyway, the reason I picked up my IPad to write a blog post is to say I miss my friends. I’m never going to see some of them. I’m going to a different junior high and it might not even be in the same state. Everything in my life is going to change after this. It’s all good, but I don’t want it to dramatically change. I don’t want to leave my friends. It’s the only down-side. I’m not going to be able to make long term friendships that will last on the big trip. It all has to wait. Just like my M4A1. I’ll talk about that another day though.

“I can’t change the way that the wind is blowing. I can only use what I have to truly and get to my destination”

              -Jimmy Dean

I have upgraded to premium!

My blog is now an official thing now. Since we are going cross country through America and Canada, I have created this basic blog. I am now upgrading it to take that 6 month blog into a continuation of a blog after the trip is over. All that matters now, though, is that my blog is growing spreading further and further for more people to see (and HOPEFULLY enjoy). Obviously, I have become very dedicated to my blog, so I have switched my blog to premium on wordpress.com so that you guys will…

-Not need to see any pesky adds on my page

-Be able to see my full site address, crosscountrylifeblog (without .wordpress) .com

-View my site with its increased quality of view

-More Data for pictures on our long adventure.



The trip has been postponed…

I am very sorry everyone, but I have been informed that the trip will no longer take place on June 1st this year like expected. Due to some things that are happening, and because this is the very beginning of summer (will be missing the entire other half of it), we will have to bump the trip back to June 25th. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and you are looking forward to reading my blog, I thought you should know.

I will be updating the home page of my blog shortly. During that time I will be blogging, and since it IS summer I will have more time to blog as well. Another good thing is that since we have postponed our trip by almost a month, we are also adding another month to the end of the trip so it will be the same amount of time length. Sorry for the delay however!

Moving into our NEW house!


As of now, we’ve ALMOST officially moved into our new house. We have so much work to do, and you can read about it more in my last blog. We have just sold our 60 inch TV for… $20… we are getting so rushed that we can’t wait even a DAY in order for people to accept our offers. Originally expecting $220, that really sucks. We love our new house a lot. We can have up to 6 friends over at a time sleeping at our house, even though I don’t think we really even want 10 people to be in our house at once 😬. Nonetheless, I have also begun a brand ne hobby. In order to become an anesthesiologist as I want to become some day, I have decided to learn Spanish so I can talk to patients…. AND for the Trip of course, talking to Spanish merchants or people that we do encounter!

Blog update #2

Sorry, everyone! For any of my viewers that will be going a watching my blog on this journey with me, thank you so much for everyone’s support. PLEASE bear with me during this hard time, because we are EXTREMELY as I have been so busy for the last month. I’m going to try to be busier, so rest assured, but I just wanted to give a quick update on how everything is going so far. We are, first of all, going to be moving 3 times. 

We have just today, moved into our new house (I’ll save THAT for another blog in the very near future!) and we will be moving into some friends house while they will be on a one month vacation through Germany. After that move, the second move by the way, will have to move into our RV to begin the trip. We have been extremely rushed with a death in the family (an uncle 😥), and being kicked out of our house by the landloards EXTREMELY suddenly. 

Moved out of house (time #1)     ✅

Move out of house (Time #2)      ❌

Move into RV and start trip.       ❌