Blog update #2

Sorry, everyone! For any of my viewers that will be going a watching my blog on this journey with me, thank you so much for everyone’s support. PLEASE bear with me during this hard time, because we are EXTREMELY as I have been so busy for the last month. I’m going to try to be busier, so rest assured, but I just wanted to give a quick update on how everything is going so far. We are, first of all, going to be moving 3 times. 

We have just today, moved into our new house (I’ll save THAT for another blog in the very near future!) and we will be moving into some friends house while they will be on a one month vacation through Germany. After that move, the second move by the way, will have to move into our RV to begin the trip. We have been extremely rushed with a death in the family (an uncle 😥), and being kicked out of our house by the landloards EXTREMELY suddenly. 

Moved out of house (time #1)     ✅

Move out of house (Time #2)      ❌

Move into RV and start trip.       ❌

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