Moving into our NEW house!


As of now, we’ve ALMOST officially moved into our new house. We have so much work to do, and you can read about it more in my last blog. We have just sold our 60 inch TV for… $20… we are getting so rushed that we can’t wait even a DAY in order for people to accept our offers. Originally expecting $220, that really sucks. We love our new house a lot. We can have up to 6 friends over at a time sleeping at our house, even though I don’t think we really even want 10 people to be in our house at once 😬. Nonetheless, I have also begun a brand ne hobby. In order to become an anesthesiologist as I want to become some day, I have decided to learn Spanish so I can talk to patients…. AND for the Trip of course, talking to Spanish merchants or people that we do encounter!

8 thoughts on “Moving into our NEW house!

  1. Cool house. Do you reside in Boston or Huston?? My great Aunt Clara lives in Boston and my cousin, Pete lives in Huston, so I’ve come across this building, maybe what I saw wasn’t the exact building, but the resemblance. Sorry for being too intrusive, just wanted to know


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