The trip has been postponed…

I am very sorry everyone, but I have been informed that the trip will no longer take place on June 1st this year like expected. Due to some things that are happening, and because this is the very beginning of summer (will be missing the entire other half of it), we will have to bump the trip back to June 25th. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and you are looking forward to reading my blog, I thought you should know.

I will be updating the home page of my blog shortly. During that time I will be blogging, and since it IS summer I will have more time to blog as well. Another good thing is that since we have postponed our trip by almost a month, we are also adding another month to the end of the trip so it will be the same amount of time length. Sorry for the delay however!

13 thoughts on “The trip has been postponed…

  1. Logan, you are a pretty amazing kid! It is so great to see all you are able to do and I am happy to see your willingness to share this experience with others!

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