Everybody hates these. Everybody needs to experience them at some point in our lives. Yeah. everybody hates it when they need to say See ya later… Or even more so when you must say see you… well… see you never. In my yearbook I got a lot of fellow yearbook signings, most of which contain their numbers. Sadly, however, I will never be seeing any of them for at least a very long time. Maybe not even our closest friends. On this adventure, we will not see anybody we know in person for 7 (or more) Months.

I have found ways to get around it thoug. There are ups and downs. We will miss Christmas with our cousins and not experience holidays like we should. We won’t even have a Christmas tree, obviously. We will have, with modern day technology, Apple’s FaceTime. My friends do not however all have Apple, and samesung does not have FaceTime. So I had to get oovoo. Oovoo is a great app, however it is not nearly as good as FaceTime. It has bad quality. It uses adds. It glitches and malfunctions. 

Anyway, the reason I picked up my IPad to write a blog post is to say I miss my friends. I’m never going to see some of them. I’m going to a different junior high and it might not even be in the same state. Everything in my life is going to change after this. It’s all good, but I don’t want it to dramatically change. I don’t want to leave my friends. It’s the only down-side. I’m not going to be able to make long term friendships that will last on the big trip. It all has to wait. Just like my M4A1. I’ll talk about that another day though.

“I can’t change the way that the wind is blowing. I can only use what I have to truly and get to my destination”

              -Jimmy Dean

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