Wow, what an exciting weekend! After hearing we were going to Vegas, we were surprised to hear that we were leaving the day AFTER! We took off and met more people instantly. We swam while our parents were setting up and talking, and we were there playing with all sorts of things in the pool until it was 10′ o-clock. After sleeping. We met up with them again and hung out riding bikes and having fun and everything. Later that night, we drove around Vegas to the Winn then picked up and hung out with our dads’ mom. 

After a long time of cards, we said our goodbyes as the last time we would see them for a very long time. Speaking about a long time, we will NEVER be going to Vegas again! It must have been a thousand times we’ve been to Vegas for my dads work, but we will never be there ever again! No offense for you guys over there in Vegas, I was born in Vegas but I’m just TIRED of that LONG ANNOYING drive there!

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