Hiking In Utah

At 7:00 in the morning, we woke up to stand in freezing cold water. I’m just kidding, that sounds like it wouldn’t be a lot of fun. It was! we met up with our good friends, The Winders, and drove to HARTS to meat and get a little bit of food for our journey (We only got some Sun Flower Seeds, but the Winders got more than that) and my brother and I went into our friend’s car to drive there. We had fun on the short 30 Minute drive by sharing thoughts and playing on his Samsung Tablet (We could never stay on the same game for more than a few minutes). When we got there, we took off our shoes and socks and put on Lake Shoes that could get wet. My friend didn’t HAVE any lake shoes and he left his shoes (and socks) on his feet… that didn’t go very well for him later, but I’ll get to that a little bit later.

We got onto the hike and we had to hide behind some bushes to stay warm. It actually was very warm there, considering that we were at a partial MOUNTAIN TOP AT 7:30 IN THE MORNING! We didn’t even have proper clothes on! I had my Leather Jacket on, but I had very short pants on too…

When we got onto the actual path, it was all right. The harsh wind was clogged by the Dark Green trees leaning in comfortingly around us. We hiked about a half mile talking, and then we saw our first river to cross. It was small, and we climbed on some logs and jumped to the other side. We thought that our trickiness just saved us: well, there was rivers LITERALLY 100 times the amount as big… We had went through the river horizontally, but later on we would NEED to go through the river strait in. The water felt like it was the water temperatures in the area that the TITANIC sank, but it was actually about 10 degrees in the water so it probably wasn’t the same. We got to the best point, but my Brother couldn’t go on. I can’t blame him at all even though I still wanted to keep going.

On the way back, it was just me and Luke (The other kid) going back. We were way far ahead, so we stopped for a break. We saw some scary animals on the way there in back, including a lot of creepy or dead ones (Including a Snake with its head cut not-so-cleanly off… Eww). On the break, his mother came, and said that everyone was OK back there. On the way back, we got a little bit lost. Luke found the right way, and we had to hold on to a sturdy branch hanging down and slide down it (My hands hurt for a little bit after that) and crossed a path that hadn’t been used in a long time. We got to the car, and waited when Luke opened the door… The car wasn’t even locked! We got in, and waited until they got there. We went to Arbys to get some food and then went home our different ways. All of that happened before noon, and we still had the whole rest of the day left!

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