The last Week

Wow, only 1 week left until the big trip! We’re all ready for the trip, and the campers packed. We’ve said our goodbyes and we aren’t going to see any more of our friends in person for a while. A week is only about:

7 Days, 

168 Hours, 

10,080 Minutes

Or 604,800 Seconds

With all of that out of the way, I can PARTIALLY explain my excitement. I have been preparing for months, saving up money and preparation so that this trip can happen. In a week, my life is going to change forever, in a very good way! Everybody I know is also excited for me, and my family is even more excited for themselves! I have everything I need to have the best experience possible, and everybody I know, and even those I DONT really know, are very excited for me and say it is a once in a lifetime experience. Next time you see one of my new posts, it will most likely be at the beginning of the trip! 

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