The Countdown Begins

Since 6 isn’t a GREAT number, I’m starting the countdown with 5 days left starting with tomorrows blog post. I’m going to count down the days until we leave, and then on the last day we will begin our adventure. Some of you may have not been reading my blog regularly or even semi-regularly because you saw my date of departure and wont be coming back until then. A great thanks for you guys that are reading my blog posts before the trip!

We’ve been preparing for the trip today, but mainly for our blog this time. Of course, I’m not going on a once in a lifetime trip so I can blog, I’m blogging because I’m on a once in a lifetime trip. That doesn’t mean that I couldn’t take my blogging to the next level with you guys, though! We went to a store called Xtreme-graphiX to try and get a T-Shirt printed with my blog address and my logo.

Luckily, hey could print it in just a few days or so! UN-Luckily, a single Tshirt was around $160, which is an insanely terrible price for something like a T-Shirt! The manager gave me a site that I could go and get the same thing for $16.99, (I don’t know why he handed my request to ANOTHER company) but I’ll be checking that out another day, because even though the trip begins in just a few days, it can be shipped here in maybe 4 or so days. I have plenty of time to check that out and decide!

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