Five Days Left

There are only FIVE days left until the trip. Only two more days, and there is only HALF of a week left… Even a little bit less than that! What an awesome time to start the countdown! The time remaining is about:

120 Hours

7,200 Minutes

Or 432,000 Seconds

After doing the math, the numbers make me think the trip is closer than it is! Well, anyway, my T-shirt with my blog will be coming in since I designed and ordered it today! We will not get it until past the trip’s take-off date, and we are not going to postpone the trip for a SHIRT, so we are mailing it to some friends in Pennsylvania so we can get it when they see us. We won’t be getting haircuts for the next six months, so we got one today so we wouldn’t need to to do that any later. After a long trip to the DMV, we had to go all the way over again to register the Excursion (Beast)’s license so it can actually be driven on the road, and renew my fathers license so that he could actually drive it (I will be another 3 years until I can drive myself). Aidan was dropped off at his friends house, and the rest of our family went home to enjoy our evening. We later met up with his family at dinner later that night.

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