Four Days Left

Four days left. That is an insanely small number compared to the 160 days left that we started planning the basics. It’s also an insanely small number compared to the 6 months on the trip, or 7 months that we will be on vacation. The approxate time remaining is:

96 Hours

5,760 Minutes

Or 345,600 Seconds 

Starting up the morning, I got up and relaxed when I was told to go out and clean the car. It took about an hour to clean it (not very bad) and came in after vacuuming the carpets in both of our cars (we sold our other one recently). I relaxed the rest of the time until 11:30 when I went with my little brother and his friends to the battle arena that’s close by. It’s 8 dollars a person, but it’s worth it. We obviously loved it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have stayed for 6 hours. 

There was a birthday party for some younger kids there, but some of their brothers were my age so I got a lot of competition heading with my brothers and taking down a single base with one magazine of ammunition. When we got back at about 6:00, my brother called his same friend that we had JUST dropped off and he came over for dinner and swam in our backyard.

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