Three Days Left

Three days! So close! To some people, three is considered a number of fortune. That may or not be true, but for today 3 is a number for excitement. 3 is such a small number! The amount of time remaining now is about:

72 Hours

4,320 Minutes

Or 259,200 Seconds

Speaking of an exciting time, Happy Father’s Day everyone! Mine sure had a good time today. We started out by officially naming our camper today! We needed an 8 letter word, or 2’four letter words, or something like that to etch out the Rockwood (eight letters) and put something else on. What we got was NoRegrets (without spaces) which was an idea by our cousins a week or two ago! It looks great and it is officially ready to be on the road… just a few more internal details like putting in our clothes!

After that my brother and I made breakfast for my father. He said he loved the breakfast. We opened presents with him, and I got him a journal so he could write since he doesn’t have a blog. I also got him two very high quality pens, but I know that he liked the card even more than that.

I went over to my good friend Caidan’s house (Our parents play Poker together) and met up with two of my other friends to hang out together. We stayed there for around 6 and a half hours! We left to go home at about 9:00 so we could get to bed a little bit early for the next day which would be getting the trailer all ready for the trip.

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