Two Days Left

Two days. Everything is folding together, the trip is all planned. Now its only time to pack the camper up because its pretty much about time to go. In the comparison of time in our mind, a day is worth a lot less time than it would have been comparing it to any other day of any other summer in our lives. My personal countdown estimates that the time until the big day is:

48 Hours

2,880 Minutes

Or 172,800 Seconds

I was woken up at 8:00… in the MORNING from my little brother. I pretended I was asleep and hoped he would go a way but he was there trying to get me up for another 10 minutes until he got bored and went to knock on the knobs of the door to get me up. I finally got up and we had a short argument but it was all good after a while. I played online with him and our cousin joined to say HELLO and he ended up playing for 2 hours with us because we were having so much fun.

We went downstairs until our parents came back home at different times, our dad first but my mother had stopped to pick up Bagels for all of us to eat. A little while after that, my little brother and I biked down to the nearby Lins and bought some drinks and chips for us to eat. We biked back and our dad left to go get the camper, which we had recently dropped off at the repair crew on the other side of town to see if there was anything wrong with it.

I forgot to mention that we own a fire truck. We have not seen it in a while, but yes, we do own a fire truck. We left it down in Las Vegas, so my dad went down there to get it and move it somewhere else. While he was driving out there we got in the trailer and did everything we needed to do in order to get ready for the trip that will be coming up in (let me tell you again…) TWO DAYS!

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