One day left

There is only ONE day left, and that is today. Tomorrow, we will be on the trip!  I hope that alll of you have enjoyed this countdown, I have used it to grow myg blog and encourage the readers that I do have to stay and check out when my life gets REALLY interesting in the next few months. Thank you so much everyone that has stayed here this far, and an even bigger thank you for the two bloggers that have been following me since almost the beginning of my blog, (Rod Whitlock and But anyway, to conclude the last of my countdown, here are the stats:

24 Hours

1,440 Minutes

Or 86,400 Seconds!

Starting off the morning was lazy. Of course, being the last day we live here, that will not last. For very long st all… We started by showing thanks to the renters by cleaning the house up, and then eventually started getting out things to put into the camper. A quick little blog update that I’d like to throw in is that I just smashed my record for likes in one day today, as well as my views in one day thanks to all of you guys. Anyway, our dad left us again at the house to go and get some stuff from the Hardware store and when he came back we got to work again, moving all of our stuff into the camper.

29 thoughts on “One day left

    • Thank you so much! We’re delaying the trip for one day or maybe 2, sadly. But if we leave tomorrow than it will just be a little later than planned. No big feal. What is is that I pretty much threw away 200+ dollars just barely 😬

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      • So sad, but it may be that delaying comes good at you side, as you may arrange everything properly. So that you can enjoy it much more than ever. I believe, that behind every delay is something good. ☺️, Good luck 👍

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      • Last night we held a party at my house and someone told me a product that will probably work for a fifth of the estimated cost! So happy now, I won’t need to spend so much money. 😊


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