Back on Track?

After the trip began, things started to go extremely bad… We went to go to a place on the way of our next destination, and stopped to eat. I had a regular burrito which I didn’t finish (it wasn’t really that good). My dad was not eating with us, and he had told us he’d be there in just a minute…When he came back, he told us that there was a big issue with the outdoor kitchen. Ugh! We had to drive all the way back from where we were, and then we kept going… in the wrong direction. About 45 minutes later, we were finally at the mechanic. Apparently there was a different issue with the front of the car.

The mechanic went to take a look at it while we were angry that it was getting later and later and all these issues were popping up! The first lucky part about this was that apparently the other issue that happened earlier with the exploding pipe today was connected with THIS one. There was a long explanation but I guess it doesn’t matter because it was all right. But now we had the problem with the outdoor kitchen! We drove another half hour in a different direction (again, not the right one) to get to another shop. Long story short, the company that we used gave us a Warranty. The bad news was that we were going to stay the night. We were not going to start the trip for at least another day. Crap!

So fortunately, the day wasn’t over yet! We got the people to fix it past their hours, and we drove down to the nearest Walmart and got them a few 6-packs of beer to thank them, as a tip. It took a long time but we had finally gotten back! We had always gotten to travel to exotic places, such as Hawaii about a year ago and London when I was very young. None of it is the same, not meaning better, not meaning worse, but it’s all different starting s new experience. The nature was insane on the way over. There were large flocks of birds and the sun actually set more than twice since the mountains and valleys were so close to each other. Sadly, there is a fire in BrianHead, Utah that we have needed to drive by to get to our destination, Salt Lake. You need to feel bad for all of those lost homes and the brave firemen out there risking their lives everyday. For all of you in the Police force, the Army, and all of the firemen, I solute you guys. Hats off for all of you guys that risk your lives in different ways every day for your country (I am not just talking about America). Anyway, the fire made us all feel bad but it looked amazing. It actually looked like a regular fire at the base, except it was at least a mile and half tall. After that there was a very solid half mile or elegant white portion with red flakes everywhere. Everything around us showed us that it was all worth the trouble, even for just one day on the road. Now, make that 7 months please! 😁

12 thoughts on “Back on Track?

  1. We know it seems like there are some issues but keep them in perspective. The enemy always want to disrupt plans so keep looking at everything as good and keep smiling. These speed bumps in the road are par for the course and are character building moments. You are a winner and don’t forget it. You’ll get in the groove before long.

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  2. It’s tragic , all of these things happened to you on the road. Much better to think of using plane to fly where ever you want, car problems and eating staff while driving long roads and getting so tired of that boring day, it will cost you that much if you think of using plane. It’s just my opinion, now it’s your choice finally. Good luck and hope you have such a peaceful journey too πŸ™‚

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