A day at Lagoon

Last night we stopped half way to Salt Lake City to sleep. We pulled over in and set up camp and then slept. When we woke up today, we drove up the rest of the way to Salt Lake at 7:00 in the morning! We got to the Lagoon campground around 9:00 in the same Time Zone. We pulled our camper through two other campgrounds at a large angle before settling in and setting up at our spot. When I walked into the camper I saw everything all across the floor and my little brother pulling stuff out of the drawers in my bedroom. I asked what the crap he was DOING and he said that “mom said to do it”. Believe it or not, she actually did. The full story was that she wanted to take everything down (NEATLY) so that she could re-organize it. I made my bed and we got ready to go. If any of you guys have ever been to the Lagoon campground in Salt Lake City, you would know that the campgopround is conveniently placed right next to the park itself!
The entrance to the park was very interesting, and we saw carts rolling on their tracks speeding st very high speeds just above our heads! Additionally, we were very excited when we stepped in after getting our passes checked and saw all the OTHER amazing rides that there to offer! We immediately went and looked around. Almost all of the rides that Aidan wanted to do with me were all spinner rides that made my head hurt, so I told him we should just do some different rides with me. The other ones were all about Adrenaline cause they would literally go a hundred feet into the air and go right back down! 

One of them, the first of the Adrennaline rushers was called Rat Trap and it would go the the edge of a cliff and at the last minute turn off the edge. I didn’t really like it. The one that I did really like was the Wooden Roller coaster. I must have went on that one 6 times! I did some of the most extreme rides in the park. While my dad was st home and my mom was still here they switched so the other could lay down. My dad came and that was when we did some of the Water rides. The first one that we did was called a cliffhanger and streams of water shot from the ground at you while you were being pulled backwards away from the ground upside down. 

That was the only water ride we went on, but we DID go to the Lagoon water park section and went on the best water slides. We went on one tube-slide and two body-slides and then went to race in the lazy river. After that we went home (our camper) for our first dinner on the adventure! Our mom stayed because she wanted to clean the trailer and not do any of the crazy rides… that left US to do them! The first one to do after we changed and got to the park was the Rocket. It’s hard to believe that the ride is actually legal because there are so many ways that you could accidentally die on that one! Seriously!

Yeah, and we did it 4 times… but anyway, it goes in a loop up and at the top speeds you down and turns so you break the next of the person behind you. By the way the other part that should be illegal is that there are two people in a cart. I mean not with their own seats, it’s just s little seat that you need spot share. What the crap! Anyway we did that and a couple of more rides (of course I have not mentioned ALL of the rides or details of today because that would almost literally take forever).

The other ride that Aidan wanted to do was spider. So I tried it. Apparently it will go spinning around in huge circles while doing the course. It also started with a huge drop st the beginning and s suddenly stop st the end. Once the ride was done, I decided that I would do it again. This time, we went backwards… twice. It was also 4 times worse.

The ride that finished the night was called COLOSSUS. it was such a perfect way to end the day! It would literally take you as high as CANNIBAL (which we werent THAT stupid to mentally kill ourselves doing) and plummet you strait down to s foot or two above the ground and shoot out onto an upside-down loop and then another loop. It would shoot you at high speeds through the other parts of the course but THAT was the most exciting.

11 thoughts on “A day at Lagoon

  1. Thank you for sharing this story, I loved it so much and it puts a smile on my face too. Particularly this statement “I saw everything all across the floor and my little brother pulling stuff out of the drawers in my bedroom. I asked what the crap he was DOING and he said that β€œmom said to do it”. Believe it or not, she actually did. ” But what is the worst part in the story is that kind of rides you did, it is really all about adrenaline, I hate it this type too much, when I watch it usually, it’s like I need to vomit what about if I took a ride …..Thank you again for sharing I enjoyed reading it, Logan πŸ‘

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