Hiking in Idaho

This morning was started with a nice gourmet breakfast from eggs and a whole lot of free time to relax. We didn’t have any big plans for today until noon, and at was fine by me. We had been doing s lot of stuff lately that was exciting, but it can be a short bit tiring if you are doing it for too long. Today and yesterday were not boring days, but half of them were chill which is something I’m happy about.

On that note, however, I will say that today’s adventure was a little more exciting than yesterday’s, in a different way. Yesterday there was not a whole bunch of adventure, it was more of a day full of experiences, such as becoming a billionaire and seeing the memorials customely created (if you guys have not read that post and you would like to, here’s the link: https://crosscountrylifeblog.com/2017/06/25/snake-river-idaho/). But anyway, the first thing we did was drive down there. Nobody had told me where we were going, and I didn’t know it would be the daily adventure, but it was! Getting there, you needed to look through the gift shop and find the way outside (not before getting free fudge samples, of course)

We were a little bit disappointed at first when we saw that we had paid around $90 to get into a petting zoo (or st least I was), but it was actually more than that. It wasn’t really a petting zoo, it was a lot more of the zoo itself but the animals weren’t in their cages. The best part was the small cubs playing by the enterence. They would play King of the shill and I would watch them for s very long time do what they were doing. A lot more happened than that, but it wasn’t very interesting so I decided to leave it out in curticy to you guys (my readers) because I know that you guys probably don’t have a whole lot of time to spare. The real action started when we were about to leave the park. We took our own car and used it as a safari. Apparently the cool part of the park was wasn’t even the zoo part! This time when we were in the car, the animals weren’t I. Their cages. There was HUGE elk there!

Their natural habitats were simulated all around the whole few miles hat the safari grounds covered. When we were moving we saw amazing deer there, but when we were on the path in our car later on something happened. One of the big elk that was in the park was seriously pissed off. He walked back a little bit and then… ran towards us. He charged and you could see how much force he was generating. Once he was just a few inches away, however, he stopped. He was surprised that we were still going 5 miles an hour. Actually, we were too. Our father was out of his mind (or so we thought st the moment). He didn’t go any faster! While we were yelling GO! He was still going the same spend. The thing was getting ready to charge. And then the same thing happened, except this time we went s little faster and drove the car out. What a scary moment it was!

Well, that wasn’t the end. This time we were driving in our car through the bear section. After what just happened, we were really stressed out. We were going and it was all fine, but en one of the bears walked in front of our car… uh oh! He looked right st us, and then… well, he walked away. But instead of crossing the road, he went right through it! Maybe he was leading the way, maybe he was bored, but it doesn’t matter, it was hilarious. We saw their den and passed it, and told one of the guards about the elk that was angry. He said its name was probably Chalktah and that it was a first time mother that was really protective. 

After we left he park, we drove for about another hour or so and then and got out at a place near the Great Teton mountain range. It was a short hike, so we bought a pass for it and started shortly after. We saw a cool building there that had skulls and furs of all the animals that lived there, and it was really cool seeing everything it had to offer there. When we started the hike, we were completely amazed. I mean literally MINDBLOWN by the beauty over there. We walked down some perfectly made wooden steps that showed over a view of a thirty-story waterfall and large hundred-story mountains. The hike was normally supposed to be 5 minutes long but of course it took at least 50. After taking hundreds of georgous photos, we drove back home to relax for the rest of the day.

To end the adventure that we had, we created a fire and burned our school clothes to show a sign of rebellion. I’m just kidding, we actually did burn them to show that school is officially out for not just one summer, but at least 3’s worth. Wow, want an adventure!


26 thoughts on “Hiking in Idaho

  1. What a great day! Interesting encounter with the momma elk! When my kids were younger we were in Kenya and a momma elephant came over to check out our van. We all stayed still but my daughter was very nervous. The elephant took a look and then left us alone. Thanks for this detailed report on your adventure!

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  2. You know, I always love reading your blog. It’s personal, adventurous, and just plain fun to read. You bring your own personal spin to the story in an interesting, fresh perspective. I feel as if I am right there with you.

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  3. I will begin my comment with point ” great breakfast makes a great day” I guess you did itπŸ˜ƒ. You are right sometimes money is not worthy, if it is paid for something stunning, I think we have the same point and agreed with you. Before I miss something, you did not tell us that why animals were out of cages?! Is it dangerous animals, or just a specific group of animals ” nice ” were only out 😯?! Inside that zoo was elk, it’s really a scary moment, particularly this kind of animal is so much dangerous. Anyway you shouldn’t get elk wrong, it might want to say goodbye before leaving the zoo πŸ˜‚ But honestly I am so glad that not anyone of your family members got hurt. In brief, your writing piece blew my mind , this incidents cheer me on, it’s great adventure, keep going ahead, Logan! Pass my hello to your family too, peaceπŸ‘

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      • Yeah, agreed with you they might be trained to say goodbyes to visitors by fearing them before leaving the area, it is like they don’t want you to come back to this zoo again, I guess they planned well in advance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just kidding. Anyway, I am really sorry for taking much time while reviewing your posts, because I was busy in the last two days, and I may also get bust for one or two days more, I believe , that you noticed that I don’t do posting for now due to getting busy of doing other things . Make sure, that I always be at your side and giving my support, because you such a kind person generous energetic with a positive mind. What an ambitious person, LoganπŸ˜‰

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      • Thank you, I really understand you being busy. I’m going to be busy tonight so the post I made just barely was finished before I even did it! We haven’t gone to dinner yet so I decided to write it done now just in case.

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      • Thank you for the understanding, means a lot to me, I take care of your posts because I really liked that adventure truly, while you post any thing about yours, I hold my breath and start bringing my attention and I then start focusing on reading your post to live that adventure and the moment too not only you πŸ‘Œ, wait you said dinner?😳 my mouth is watering , felt bit hungry, once it’s done call me back to share you. Promise , it will disappear in one seconds. Oh my God don’t get me wrong , I am not fat but fit, because I am not food lovers, but I only eat when my body needs but going over eating πŸ˜‹

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