Hiking in the Snow

Today is the day that we got back on track. For the past 3 days we had mostly relaxed at home, but it was time for another adventurous hike now. My day began nice and (way too) early when I was woken up at 7:30. We started to leave almost right away after getting dressed into our hiking clothes.

The ride there was about an hour, and as you can see from my thumbnail that the nature everywhere was BEAUTIFUL. It made the time go by so much quicker! It wasn’t long until we got got passed the trees that were leaning over to welcome our car to the point where the jagged cliffs around were pushing towards us. Once we got to the trailhead and parked our car, we got out to start our short journey of the day. After a little while of walking around puddles that were glimmering flakes of yellow its magnificent reflection, we saw the colorful bugs that were gleefully washing in it and realized we had forgot the bug spray. After a trip back to get it, we were back on the path. The trees were obviously happy that we were here, because they bent across our pathway to protect us as we went along.

For a long time of walking around and over large rocks and peeking through the windows that the surrounding nature had given us. After a little while, I saw some snow all across our path! How could that be? It was the middle of June, the middle of summer! I walked up the side of the steep slope of fresh snow that was now melting and then… FLOP! I fell and face-planted into the snow. I was a little wet, but it felt nice! I used the snow as my surfboard and glided across it with my shoes until I got to the bottom. Coming up the steep slope I fell a lot more, and occasionally on the way down as well. With some careful examining of rocks and Pine trees scattered, we realized it was an avalanch that had happened a few months ago!

The weather forecast had warned us that it would rain later today, and the clouds in the air showed us that that was definitely going to happen. We jogged across the trail as fast as we could instead of the walk we had taken to get there. by the time we reached the car, the clouds were RIGHT above us, and right as we left, it tried to drown us with extreme levels of water pounding all over the poor car that we were in! Then it decided to throw ice at us. A lot of it. We got out OK, and went home. Before that we went through a small town, looked around, and THEN went home because we had no money.

What an interesting day. It may not be like the adventures we had went on with the white water rafting or the elk attack, but it was a cool experience to have! I know this post was a little bit rushed, I am very sorry that I may not have sounded like myself today, but I needed to do a very quick summery of my day today for everyone before I went to sleep. I was SO tired and wanted to go to bed immediately! I hope you all enjoyed anyway,

Over and Out


29 thoughts on “Hiking in the Snow

    • Sadly the snow there was all icy so it was too dangerous for that. Thank you so much once again for your time! By the way it hasn’t come out but you are Definitely on my special recognition nominees for my next sunshine blogger awerd post connected to part 1: sorry if that was a little bit confusing 😯 πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

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      • You are right, icy snow isn’t good to be throwing around. Amazing though how there is snow in June. Please don’t worry about the nominations though because the recognition for us is having folks like you following and making time to comment. You are doing a great job at balancing everything!


      • Oh, but I would love to nominate you, seriously! Unluss you guys are too busy, or something, I’ll totally agree. But I would ,I’ve to promote you guys for so much you have done for me and my family. I can’t thank you enough usathroughoureyes.

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      • Please its okay not to nominate us. We love just cruising along and sharing. The greatest nominations are the wonderful post like yours that we get to be part of. We enjoy watching you soar. You have some great gifts of writing and observation. I am sure there are moment you get tired but you are achieving so much so please continue.

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  1. Yes when we sometimes have a beautiful day, time files. Thank you sharing something icing weather today, you know I felt little bit chilly while reading the post, what if you get wet and endure that coldness, LoganπŸ˜„

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