Travel Day

As you may have noticed, I did not post yesterday. Yesterday, I feel, did not have anything, exactly, post worthy. Therefore, I will be posting the two days into one blog post. Yesterday was the day that we left the hotel. After we got on the road, it was an hour drive back to where we had left the trailer the previous day. At that point, our dad had to take the rental car back and get our regular Beast (what we call our massive black truck that is used to pull “beauty” across America). 

He was gone for about 5 hours needing to drive there, wait for the truck to actually finish getting fixed, and then drive it home. What we did was waste about 3 hours at the library. We biked over to it and went inside. We’re we there to gain knowledge that would help us succeed in life? No, of course not! We got onto the computer and wasted most of our time there. Once finished we went home, I went to sleep a little bit, and then read until he came home. I told you, it was a boring day. We left and drove the remaining 4-5 hours that we needed to get to the next state, Montana, and then stopped at a truck stop to stay the night. 

The next morning there was not much longer that was needed to drive. I was woken up at 9:00 so we could drive the remaining way to our destination. My dad taught my mother how to drive the trailer, so it took a little while longer to get there (not saying she did a bad job, obviously). We stopped to eat lunch in the middle of a half abandon town. There were buildings that stipped being built, and a mess of rotting wood and oxidized metal lay scattered or in large clumps across the poor landscape. There were glass and broken shards and spider webs in the other buildings composed of rotting wood and peeling paint everywhere that were at some point family businesses. Like I said, we didn’t stay long, just for lunch. Then we got back onto the road again and saw a crazy looking Lake that looked like large fingers carved through it and ripped some of the waves in half. That was about the whole day: sometimes we will have adventure, sometimes there will be just big driving days. In the future I realized that I should just not post on these kinds of days, but I thought I should add a little message saying that right now. 


11 thoughts on “Travel Day

  1. I really enjoy your post. I really love to read real life stories and such. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in working and moving and shaking that they for get to live a little. Be safe out there!

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