Fourth Of July

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The 4th of July has come my fellow Americans! I have forgotten to also mention for my fellow Canadians 3 days ago was Canada’s birthday! I actually thought Canada was a lot older than America, yet apparently not true! Canada became a country in 1867 while America became a country (almost a HUNDRED years before) in 1776!

Anyway, I decided to take a short break from blogging. Do not worry at ALL, the very short break from blogging has already ended. I felt that the break I took (Which was only one day) relieved a little bit of stress that was put on me to blog EVERY day and respond to every comment and question that was asked. I think that I will be taking a one day break once a week and fill it in with the next days post, as I did yesterday. I have realized that I do post a lot more than some of the other blog channels I have seen on my Discover page, which is why I feel in the first place that I was “allowed” to make another post to fill in for the one I missed a day late. I hope everybody understands.

Now, for what I was ORIGINALLY going to make my post about. It wasn’t until 10:00 when I got into the car with my brother to go to a small town further north to spend the day. Because of all the fishing gear in the front seat, I had to sit in back instead. Once we got there we walked along the boardwalk to look at the buildings that might be interesting to check out. That was half of it, what I was doing was trying to find the bathroom. One of the buildings had a sign on it saying that they had cold drinks and public bathrooms.

The same building was a rock company that sold all kinds of knives/gems. While I was there I saw what it had to offer. What I found was a lot of bags that had a few gems inside of them that were mixed with a lot of rubble. It sounded like a scam in the beginning, but when we bought a $25 bag and soon enough found out that it was worth the money! Inside the bag was tons of awesome crystals that were actually worth some money! I’m sure we found at least a hundred total crystals (and shark teeth) One of the shark teeth that I dug up was most likely an actual Megaladon tooth. It was not even complete, just a third of one yet it was STILL 2 inches long.

The best part of the little town was the candy shop. Some locals told us that they had the BEST candy in the United States! I got 2 pieces of taffy and some brownie: They were most likely right, excluding all the big companies like Snickers and Skittles Etc. That wast he end for that small little town! We left to go see a concert under the stars… and fireworks. Let me remind everyone, this was YESTERDAY, July 3rd. How odd! They thought that it would be best to do it on a MONDAY! It was long (yet very thankfully fun)!

The party lasted until almost midnight, which gave me the chance to sleep till a semi-average time today (for the first time since the trip began).

20 thoughts on “Fourth Of July

  1. Isn’t it great our country is 241 years old and Canada is 150. We are a blessed nation and its nice reading your thoughts on it. Sounds like you had a great day. And… its okay to take a break from blogging and absorb all that is around you. Its great seeing your flow.

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  2. Hope you had a happy 4th of July Logan! Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about missing the odd day to give yourself a break. It sounds like you need some relaxation time πŸ™‚ The bag sounds pretty sweet too, when I was about your age and younger I collected tonnes and tonnes of crystals that I still have in my wardrobe today haha

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