Bozeman, Montana

“Where is Everybody?” When I woke up, there was literally nobody around! I was up for a bit reading my book and then I all the sudden got a few texts from my lost (or perhaps I was the lost one) family that had left somewhere without me. I got out of bed, still practically asleep, and languidly wandered to my device.

I had a few text messages asking if I was up yet… I asked where they were and they responded that they were at breakfast! I ran to breakfast in what I had on (I was so tired last night that even though it was only 10:30 I went to sleep in that day’s clothes) to where the Continental Breakfast was being held.

When I got there they were closing but I didn’t know that… I just ran inside. Nobody told me that they were closed, so I didn’t know that it was until later that day hen my brother told me. I grabbed everything I could and ran outside to join everyone. Not a good way to start the morning! The day after 4th of July, I was pretty tired meaning I didn’t actually “wake up” until about noon when I jumped in a 48 degree (Fahrenheit) pool that REALLY woke me up.

The place I went to was a hot springs and spa lounge. They must have had Dozens of pools ranging from 48 degrees to 106 degrees. We were there for about 3 hours and then went home to take a short break. After that we were there for another few hours until we saw lightning hit near our pool and decided to get out. Oddly the people running the lounge didn’t do anything about it.

I went home and googled movie times for my family and I to go to. The new Pirates Of the Caribbean movie had just come out and everyone wanted to see it so I decided we should just do it! It was a great movie and everyone enjoyed it. I’m not giving any details about the movie, but I don’t think there was exactly enough Johnny- I mean Jack Sparrow in it. What an amazing movie though!

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