A turn of Events

I woke up in the early morning and checked my clock- 11:00… PM! I had only slept an hour! My head was spinning as I tried to fall asleep. Dang it, I was still sick. I got out of my bed after a few failed attempts to fall asleep and walked over to try and get comfertable laying on the cold couch. It felt a little better than my bed, for a while. My cold arrangement started to warm up from my body heat so I tried the other couch. Same effect. By this time it must have been 2:00 and I was thirsty. I reached around for a bottle and spilled water all down myself and sat on the floor. I tried to sleep on the floor and surprisingly after two attempts, I finally got my wish of sleep. I did not enjoy my sleep and woke up very early at 6:10. What a great start to the day! (Needless to say that was obviously sarcasm)

I did start getting better however. I felt a lot better by 8:00 and I was perfectly fine by 11:00. The medicine had worked! It was later time to drive over to our next destination, Little-Bighorn. On the 6 hour drive I was tired and bored for most of it, so I both listened to AudioBooks and slept too. We stopped at a gas station where we met my father’s uncle. He had 17 brothers and sisters! When we were there we got drinks and I got a popcorn while we talked with him. We talked about him, and then us, and than his life, and then our trip, Etc. at the end we considered doing fireworks saved from the last Fourth of July with him but decided to get onto the road, but not after giving him our blogs. (See our adventure through my brother’s eyes)

This is when Siri really messed up. Instead of telling us to turn right, exactly where the campground was, she said to go strait. For miles. Seven of them. After that Siri screwed up again. She told us to go strait. Once again! Now we had to go 16 more miles, no possible room for U-turns, in order to get to where we actually needed to go. UGH! Once we found a spot we were allowed to turn back at (Siri once again thought there wasn’t one) we did and turned that broken map off. Once we got there we checked in and went right to our campsite. It took a while to settle down but we were then able to spend our rest of the night relaxing. My brother and my father played Teatherball while I sat down and relaxed. We came inside altogether and then we later took a short walk to an American flag standing high on the top of a grassy hill. Next to it was a brown, wooden cross. We took a lot of pictures from the surreal surrounding that was lit brightly by the setting sun.

After walking down we went back to the trailer and started to get our priorities strait while our dad took a 5-minute shower. He came back and we realized that my mother’s wallet was gone. We literally checked everywhere but could not find it anywhere we looked. We even looked inside of the stove and in the silverware cabinets. Nowhere. My dad thought it wasn’t a big deal and my mom had that as the only reason that she wasn’t COMPLETELY stressed out. He said it only had about $50 in it. When she later told hi. Her drivers license was in there he realized that it was the wrong one. His expression turned Grimm and hers turned way grimmer. ALL of the money for the entire trip was in there. NOO! Her drivers lisence and credit card were also in their. They checked their bank account balance to see if someone took any money from it. Everything seemed normal, good. We checked through receipts to see where it might be- it obviously wasn’t in the camper.

We checked through my blog posts to see what we did through the days and maybe we could find the right place that she Mandy have left it. It seemed hopeless but possibly worth a try. We called a store back down in Bozeman Montana. Extreme relief that none of us had EVER experienced in our lives swept over us like a TSUNAMI. We were completely saved, we would be in extreme sadness. Even depression. So much money would have been lost, and even worse our entire trip was broken. Canceled. Done. We were so exhausted from the extreme stress put on us that was immediately wiped away at once, it was a very weird feeling!


13 thoughts on “A turn of Events

  1. Isn’t “Little Big Horn” awesome. What a blessing it was finding the wallet. What a sinking feeling when discovering it gone and then to recover it had to be a high. Those emotional ups and downs can drain one of energy. Glad you are on the mend.

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