Mount Rushmore


I waited. And Waited. I was tired, yet wide awake. I was anxious, yet did nothing. I waited for a long time with my eyes open laying there all the way until 8:00. It was my birthday, but for some odd reason I felt like I couldn’t get up because nobody else was up. I was desperate. I was anxious. I was ready.

Once everyone was awake they came into my comfortable little room that I shared with my brother in the back of the camper. He was nice enough to let me sleep alone in the room and he slept outside on the couch so I could sleep in. Sadly to say, it didn’t make a big difference but I was happy to see him after I woke up. The morning started with crisply made bacon that was soft yet crunchy, golden hash-browns that seemed to soak into your mouth, and delicious Iced tea to go with it all.

After that we packed up quickly and went to the next campground that we were supposed to be at. Apparently we had made two reservations at once and couldn’t cancel that one so we canceled the reservation for the one that we were at and left. The other one was prettier anyway. When we got there we opened a few of my presents. I got a few different things- The first being some delicious candy rolls from Starbucks, next a chart of Spanish words that I had not yet been taught in a nice little sheet, and my brother got me a water balloon slingshot and beef jerky.

For the afternoon we decided to go walk around the town near Mount Rushmore before going there at night (The time that is supposedly best to go) and spend the rest of the afternoon. Driving there took a long time more than it should have because Siri wouldn’t get her thoughts strait once AGAIN. It should have taken 20 minutes but she sent us in the complete wrong direction; once again. The first thing we did was park the car and walk down the sidewalk to look for things to do. I saw a place that had Blue bunny Ice Β cream, which had gone extinct in out home town that we came from before starting the trip.

The place was actually a presidential memorial with many presidents in miniature size that were extremely realistic. I actually learned a lot more than I thought I knew, and apparently there was still a lot more to learn (there is with everything in life). The place was amazing and doubled as a cafe. I would have loved to go back if we didn’t have other things to see. When it was time to look for a restaurant, we saw them everywhere. I got to pick one of them to eat at, but I didn’t recognize any of them so I chose the Culvers that was 10 minutes away. Obviously I’m American.

The food was good but not even close to what I remembered it being. I was slightly disappointed but it was no big deal. We walked down to the nearby parks and checked them out. We walked back after that and got some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my LIFE. The only two samples I had, I completely LOVED. I got both of them on a sprinkled chocolate cone. The thing was huge, so I needed a lot of water. I heard that people get thirsty from the dairy in Ice Cream but I’ve never actually felt the need for it before other than now. I was so thirsty that I got very impatient that the line was so long because all I needed was a glass of water. 5 of them over time, apparently.

We were supposed to get to Mount Rushmore at 8:00, but when I checked my watch it was already past that. We went to get to the car, and we had no Idea how far away Mount Rushmore actually was. Oh no, where were the Keys though? Crap. We ran around like we were crazy trying to find them. This thing that we looser really important stuff seems to been happening a LOT lately (Yesterday) My dad and I ran to the park while my Brother and my Mother checked the shops. we had to cross a pair of railroad tracks, a lot of horizontally facing roads, and an entire couple of playgrounds to get there! We ran to try to find it. My dad and I intentionally split up (kind of intentionally) and looked at different parts. I found them sitting on a table and ran as fast as I could back. Why does everything we do HAVE to be an ADVENTURE?We ran back together and met up with them a few minutes later. We got in the car and got ready to go.

On the TWO HOUR drive Siri messed up AGAIN! Instead of trying to drive to the Famous, World-known memorial, It decided to take us to the INFAMOUS, Nowhere-Known road that was 40 miles away in the middle of nowhere. For smartphones, our little crappy robots are pretty stupid. Long (VERY long) story short, we were still on the road at almost 10:00. We could have been there in 10 minutes…

We walked inside the grand entrance and were wowed by the serenity of the place. It was way better than the pictures (Like all things in life). We stood there and looked up. We walked past all of the flags that were lined across the pillarts that proudly tried to scrape the sky with their flags of the states of america held high above their heads. When we got to the viewing are we were simply in awe.

The statues were huge! You could tell where they ran out of money, however, because Abe’s face was a little bit underdone while George got a lot of the attention. We were there for a while, and then the rain came. HARD. We were evacuated inside of the building. The entire place shut down and we realized we left our mothers phone outside. Again. Like I said, why do our lives have to be SO adventure filled? I’m just kidding, the adventure is what made it amazing.

The unfortunate part is what made it hilarious. Not at the time, however. We had to find it. Our dad ran outside to try and get it when our mom pulled the phone right out of her pocket. We ran upstairs in the rain to try and get our dad and bring him back. We stayed inside the visitor center while he ran to get the car. We laughed about our situation and got into the car to go home. We talked and joked and laughed and ranted. We loved it. At home I opened the rest of my presents and I got a new Airsoft Pistol. I loved it and couldn’t wait to try it out! I was, however, so tired that I was done for the day. What an AMAZING birthday!!

29 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore

  1. Wow what a day you had. As frustrating as getting lost is we learned to enjoy it because of all we discovered. Sounds like your routines are being tipped upside down and all around showing you sides you hadn’t seen before. Its great you are laughing your way along the journey to discovery.

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  2. Hi Logan!
    How are you?

    Oh I guess that I have missed your most important day which it is your birthday.

    Happy belated birthday. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine.

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  3. You write so well. What a great and grand adventure your family is on.

    I’ll be watching for updates. Thanks for sharing the pictures as well. It’s just beautiful out west – so different from the mid west.


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  4. Sweet Logan! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You made me smile with your description of your adventures within your adventures. Growing up with your mom as my sister… I can attest to the fact that I CAN RELATE!!! LOL. I hope you and Aidan are learning a ton about life and having a fantastic time. Hugs and kisses to all 4 of you and I can’t wait to hear about your travels through this blog.

    I am so incredibly proud of you Logan. You are an amazing person and I am so honored to be your Auntie:)

    Aunt Susan

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  5. Hi Logan! Thank you for the ‘likes’. What a funny story – it’s funny how it’s always the important stuff that goes missing. Btw – you might want to watch an old film from 1959 called ‘North by North West’ – it’s quite exciting and features the Mount Rushmore monument and also the restaurant – you’ll be able to see whether it has changed much…you can see a clip of it via youtube: Hope you have a lot of fun on the rest of your travelling adventure!

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