D-Day Parkour

The main attraction of the day (and the only attraction of the day was a parkour area that wasn’t quite known for the area (E.g. Potatos in Idaho, pineapples in Hawaii, that kind of stuff). The morning was another kind of chill-at-home kind of morning which was fine by me, giving me more time once again to read, blog, and relax. It wasn’t until 2:00 when we wanted to do something outside the house. After a little bit of research we decided to either do a zip-lining experience or a parkour area. They both sounded fun. The videos for the Parkour area didn’t look very great but we decided to try it anyway. We all wanted to zip line but we did more research and found that there were better places for the same price to zip line on the East Coast. When we got to the place we saw a couple of military vehicles parked outside with a helicopter parked on the top of the structure. We got our gear on and climbed the steps to start onto the Parkour. I started with the second level. You either needed to crawl, jump, fall, or climb. Sometimes the obstacles hurt. When I got done with the entire second floor I went to the first to complete that one. Some of the, had moving parts. One of them had loose parts that I tried to spring across and I fell. My safety net caught me but not before I hit my head on one of the wooden boards and collapsed. When I got back up I went right in to the next one though. I finished the first level but was hesitant when I went to the third level that was around 60 feet in the air. Some of the ones I could easily do on the other levels seemed harder even though they were almost the same.it had been 3 hours before I completed all of the 84 trials there. I climbed down the course and dropped onto the ground at the end. I started to take off my gear when they told me that I could actially go inside the helicopter at the top. I got all of my gear BACK on and trudged back up the levels of stairs. It was pretty scary at the top because I seemed to be at the same level as some of the roller coasters at the Mount Olympus park! I had to walk across a thin board that was around 90 feet in the air with the wind blowing harshly. Yikes! When I got inside I looked around and then sat down. The doors were open, but they seemed to only be about a foot long. Parts of the helicopter were always exposed to the air where the men manning the vehicle must have used to shoot the M-60 mounted there. They must have also used that hatch to jump from 10 feet in the air to the ground with 50 LBS of gear on them in order to land in the field which bullets littered on the ground. It didn’t look like the helichopter was functional anymore (of course it wasn’t, but I was confused as of how they got this 10-ton beast up 90-100 feet into the air onto a small platform where it was being held). I tried to come back but it was a one-way enterence. I had to go around the other side of the helicopter to use another board to get back. After the while experience was over I got a medal for completing the entire course. I was surprised to see that it was actually made of metal and it didn’t look cheap like other parks would give. It made me happy to see that they weren’t dollar store metals and they didn’t just give them to everyone for participation! After the day was over we drove back home and collected sticks in the forest nearby to have a nice fire. We brought the TV outside and watched a couple of our favorite shows to end the night. 


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