I’m a little behind…

As some of you may have noticed I have not been blogging every day. Good news: I’m going to. I’m starting today. I am two weeks behind so if anybody sees a post without words (just a title) than I have moved on. I am hoping to create a book about my adventures, called A Young Americans Travels, or something of the sort. Today I have not been blogging in a professional context, using basic words instead of searching and spending more time to put more elevated text into my blog post today. I have just decided to warn my followers: I may be a little bit late on stuff that is happening. Please, please, please, bear with me. Another thing to talk about- I am scared that our trip will be canceled because of Irma. I am afraid that others will need to give their lives because of it, so canceling our trip would be nothing. If you are in an area like Florida that is going to be hit with the worst tornado in known history, stay safe. My family and I are praying for you. I am afraid that we were a year too late… we may not be able to see Orlando or all of those other places, not meaning to be grave but… they might not be there anymore. I am very discouraged and very nervous about the situation. UsaThroughOurEyes.com, an amazing blog that is traveling similarly to our adventure, I am hoping you guys are OK in North Carolina. Stay safe everyone, and I’ll see you in the next post.


17 thoughts on “I’m a little behind…

  1. Hi Logan!

    Yeah, i notices that buddy you have not been blogging that much in the few days. Hope your journey will not be cancelled because of Irma which it may hit Florida and i wish it will stay in peace too. Btw, we got a surprise here, while reading your post, noticed something else which it is about a book that you may launch it someday- good luck a young American adventurer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. We’re with you Logan. You are doing an outstanding job with your blog and we’re with you for the long haul. You have many gifts and its joy for us seeing them in play through your adventures. You get to the great state of Florida for sure. We are heading down there on Friday. We don’t know what we’re in for but one thing we are sure of is there is always room for one more to pray for those in the storms way. Love you book idea. It will be a success and when it is we’ll be there to say we knew you when you first got started.

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