Niagara Falls (Canada!)

After the sad incident the day before we were finally going to go to Niagara falls. Of our current trip across america, this is the first encounter (and sadly the last because of a death in the family postponing the trip) of Canada. We would have been able to stay for more than a couple of weeks there, but we were very satisfied with being able to see it even for the short 5 hours we had. You may be slightly confused unless you are one of the couple of close friends and family that currently read my blog, so let me start at the beginning:

After we left Pennsylvania, our previous stop, we were on our way to our First Cousin Once Removed (I googled it) and his sons, our Second Cousins. The only stop between seeing them in upstate New York and Erie was Niagara Falls. We camped up in the morning and left by 9:00. One other thing I forgot to mention: School had begun. If you are going on a 7 month trip around the country you still need to attend school. So what did we do? Well, I signed up online for some Algebra and Writing classes and whatnot.

After we took off it wasn’t long until we got to Canada. We found a spot on the American side and we could hear the sound of rushing water all the way from there! We got out of the car and walked down the street towards it. On the way we met a man that needed some help with his vending stand. He was about 20 or so. He told us that we should stay away from the park because there were protesters getting rowdy over there over the civil war statues. We understood and took the long way. It was an exciting walk to Canada and we were ready to see our first wonder of the world. We first had to go through a station held by guards so we could get on the bridge. We gave him our passports and answered a couple of questions before entering. We could finally see the falls! They were huge. We could not even begin to imagine how in the world they could have been created! We walked over the bridge and looked over the edge while the extreme wind blew at us. We were almost half way through the bridge, meaning half way to Canada. We soon stepped over the line, marked between the American and Canadian flags standing proudly above, and held our breath as we did. We saw venders everywhere. I got an Ice Cream bar to eat as I bought a souvenir shirt from Canada. I got my good friend from Utah a gift (I don’t think he reads my blog) and spent the day there. There wasn’t much of a suburbs and everyone spoke English, but its still Canada… right?


10 thoughts on “Niagara Falls (Canada!)

  1. Are ‘t those Niagara Falls amazing Logan both from the American side and Canada side. Great post and we’re sure your friend will cherish the gift you got for him. It’s okay that he doesn’t read your blog and you’ll discover, or at least we did, that your blog will touch many more outside your immediate circle of family and friends. So keep posting because we are reading!

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  2. Niagara Falls is breathtaking, from either side. I remember my first time through there. I was with my husband in his truck. He was driving for J.B. Hunt at the time. We had made a delivery in Toronto and then were crossing into New York. I remember thinking how dirty everything looked…trash everywhere and graffiti. This saddened me. This was several years ago…almost 15, so maybe it is better now. I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels and thank you for stopping by my place.

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  3. Glad you could at least set foot on Canadian soil. I hope you will be able to come back. Early October is good as the fall colours are beautiful. But don’t plan on coming in December-April because it can get very cold and driving conditions can be bad with snow and ice.

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