I’m finally Back

8072746151_241c299366_zThere is only one thing to say- I have not blogged lately. The reason being, however, is because of many different things. Although blogging is one of my favorite things to do, I find it unfortunate that I have not recently had the time for this great and productive hobby… Fortunately, I have the ability to start this hobby back up after motivation from friends and family urging me to keep writing. For the first time in a long time, Logan McCorvey is back doing the thing that he loves most- Writing!

Welcome back, everyone. Weather you are a new viewer or an old blogging friend, I am very happy to be able to pick back up the Chromebook and be able to post again. I may, however, not be able to add the detail that I have added in the past- nor be able to post every day. Because I have not written in so long and do not have the motivation to keep up my 100 or 200 day streak, rather than one… So let me excuse myself now, I may not be able to keep up with my 2000 word post every day. Nonetheless, I’m glad to be back!


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