Logan’s Story

Logan McCorvey is 13 years old and is currently being given a once in a lifetime experience to enjoy. During 7 months, Logan has been able to travel the great land of America, and a short look into Canada as well. Some of the many things he will have see are the Statue of Liberty, various historic sights including Gettysburg, along with many different battle fields, Places such as New York, Niagara falls, and much more. The best part is that his readers have the ability to get first-hand experiences from the author about many different places that you may possibly want to travel. Is there a famous landmark you are dying to see, such as Yellowstone? All that you need to do is click CrossCountryLifeBlog’s search bar and imput the name of where you would like to go/learn about. Chances are, Logan has given a unique experience about it that is funny, entertaining, and enjoyable all at the same time. Unlike millions of different users, not just bloggers on WordPress or even as a blogger in general, Logan is doing something that many people on the entire internet are not able to do- much less share it. If you would like to tune in, all you need to do is follow him for great new posts that are happening RIGHT NOW by creating an account or using an existing one today. If that is too hard, or you are unable/would not like to create an account on WordPress, you can follow him by Gmail and receive the same special experience. Many times, he posts at 11:00 Eastern/Standard time (check your local time zone for best effect before calculating) or sometimes at night. Although he posts about travel much more than 90% of the time, he may post about various topics that may possibly introduce new hobbies or activities that you may like! Above all, he has been awarded more than 7 awards from fellow bloggers.




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