Mount Rushmore


I waited. And Waited. I was tired, yet wide awake. I was anxious, yet did nothing. I waited for a long time with my eyes open laying there all the way until 8:00. It was my birthday, but for some odd reason I felt like I couldn’t get up because nobody else was up. I was desperate. I was anxious. I was ready.

Once everyone was awake they came into my comfortable little room that I shared with my brother in the back of the camper. He was nice enough to let me sleep alone in the room and he slept outside on the couch so I could sleep in. Sadly to say, it didn’t make a big difference but I was happy to see him after I woke up. The morning started with crisply made bacon that was soft yet crunchy, golden hash-browns that seemed to soak into your mouth, and delicious Iced tea to go with it all.

After that we packed up quickly and went to the next campground that we were supposed to be at. Apparently we had made two reservations at once and couldn’t cancel that one so we canceled the reservation for the one that we were at and left. The other one was prettier anyway. When we got there we opened a few of my presents. I got a few different things- The first being some delicious candy rolls from Starbucks, next a chart of Spanish words that I had not yet been taught in a nice little sheet, and my brother got me a water balloon slingshot and beef jerky.

For the afternoon we decided to go walk around the town near Mount Rushmore before going there at night (The time that is supposedly best to go) and spend the rest of the afternoon. Driving there took a long time more than it should have because Siri wouldn’t get her thoughts strait once AGAIN. It should have taken 20 minutes but she sent us in the complete wrong direction; once again. The first thing we did was park the car and walk down the sidewalk to look for things to do. I saw a place that had Blue bunny Ice ¬†cream, which had gone extinct in out home town that we came from before starting the trip.

The place was actually a presidential memorial with many presidents in miniature size that were extremely realistic. I actually learned a lot more than I thought I knew, and apparently there was still a lot more to learn (there is with everything in life). The place was amazing and doubled as a cafe. I would have loved to go back if we didn’t have other things to see. When it was time to look for a restaurant, we saw them everywhere. I got to pick one of them to eat at, but I didn’t recognize any of them so I chose the Culvers that was 10 minutes away. Obviously I’m American.

The food was good but not even close to what I remembered it being. I was slightly disappointed but it was no big deal. We walked down to the nearby parks and checked them out. We walked back after that and got some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my LIFE. The only two samples I had, I completely LOVED. I got both of them on a sprinkled chocolate cone. The thing was huge, so I needed a lot of water. I heard that people get thirsty from the dairy in Ice Cream but I’ve never actually felt the need for it before other than now. I was so thirsty that I got very impatient that the line was so long because all I needed was a glass of water. 5 of them over time, apparently.

We were supposed to get to Mount Rushmore at 8:00, but when I checked my watch it was already past that. We went to get to the car, and we had no Idea how far away Mount Rushmore actually was. Oh no, where were the Keys though? Crap. We ran around like we were crazy trying to find them. This thing that we looser really important stuff seems to been happening a LOT lately (Yesterday) My dad and I ran to the park while my Brother and my Mother checked the shops. we had to cross a pair of railroad tracks, a lot of horizontally facing roads, and an entire couple of playgrounds to get there! We ran to try to find it. My dad and I intentionally split up (kind of intentionally) and looked at different parts. I found them sitting on a table and ran as fast as I could back. Why does everything we do HAVE to be an ADVENTURE?We ran back together and met up with them a few minutes later. We got in the car and got ready to go.

On the TWO HOUR drive Siri messed up AGAIN! Instead of trying to drive to the Famous, World-known memorial, It decided to take us to the INFAMOUS, Nowhere-Known road that was 40 miles away in the middle of nowhere. For smartphones, our little crappy robots are pretty stupid. Long (VERY long) story short, we were still on the road at almost 10:00. We could have been there in 10 minutes…

We walked inside the grand entrance and were wowed by the serenity of the place. It was way better than the pictures (Like all things in life). We stood there and looked up. We walked past all of the flags that were lined across the pillarts that proudly tried to scrape the sky with their flags of the states of america held high above their heads. When we got to the viewing are we were simply in awe.

The statues were huge! You could tell where they ran out of money, however, because Abe’s face was a little bit underdone while George got a lot of the attention. We were there for a while, and then the rain came. HARD. We were evacuated inside of the building. The entire place shut down and we realized we left our mothers phone outside. Again. Like I said, why do our lives have to be SO adventure filled? I’m just kidding, the adventure is what made it amazing.

The unfortunate part is what made it hilarious. Not at the time, however. We had to find it. Our dad ran outside to try and get it when our mom pulled the phone right out of her pocket. We ran upstairs in the rain to try and get our dad and bring him back. We stayed inside the visitor center while he ran to get the car. We laughed about our situation and got into the car to go home. We talked and joked and laughed and ranted. We loved it. At home I opened the rest of my presents and I got a new Airsoft Pistol. I loved it and couldn’t wait to try it out! I was, however, so tired that I was done for the day. What an AMAZING birthday!!

A turn of Events

I woke up in the early morning and checked my clock- 11:00… PM! I had only slept an hour! My head was spinning as I tried to fall asleep. Dang it, I was still sick. I got out of my bed after a few failed attempts to fall asleep and walked over to try and get comfertable laying on the cold couch. It felt a little better than my bed, for a while. My cold arrangement started to warm up from my body heat so I tried the other couch. Same effect. By this time it must have been 2:00 and I was thirsty. I reached around for a bottle and spilled water all down myself and sat on the floor. I tried to sleep on the floor and surprisingly after two attempts, I finally got my wish of sleep. I did not enjoy my sleep and woke up very early at 6:10. What a great start to the day! (Needless to say that was obviously sarcasm)

I did start getting better however. I felt a lot better by 8:00 and I was perfectly fine by 11:00. The medicine had worked! It was later time to drive over to our next destination, Little-Bighorn. On the 6 hour drive I was tired and bored for most of it, so I both listened to AudioBooks and slept too. We stopped at a gas station where we met my father’s uncle. He had 17 brothers and sisters! When we were there we got drinks and I got a popcorn while we talked with him. We talked about him, and then us, and than his life, and then our trip, Etc. at the end we considered doing fireworks saved from the last Fourth of July with him but decided to get onto the road, but not after giving him our blogs. (See our adventure through my brother’s eyes)

This is when Siri really messed up. Instead of telling us to turn right, exactly where the campground was, she said to go strait. For miles. Seven of them. After that Siri screwed up again. She told us to go strait. Once again! Now we had to go 16 more miles, no possible room for U-turns, in order to get to where we actually needed to go. UGH! Once we found a spot we were allowed to turn back at (Siri once again thought there wasn’t one) we did and turned that broken map off. Once we got there we checked in and went right to our campsite. It took a while to settle down but we were then able to spend our rest of the night relaxing. My brother and my father played Teatherball while I sat down and relaxed. We came inside altogether and then we later took a short walk to an American flag standing high on the top of a grassy hill. Next to it was a brown, wooden cross. We took a lot of pictures from the surreal surrounding that was lit brightly by the setting sun.

After walking down we went back to the trailer and started to get our priorities strait while our dad took a 5-minute shower. He came back and we realized that my mother’s wallet was gone. We literally checked everywhere but could not find it anywhere we looked. We even looked inside of the stove and in the silverware cabinets. Nowhere. My dad thought it wasn’t a big deal and my mom had that as the only reason that she wasn’t COMPLETELY stressed out. He said it only had about $50 in it. When she later told hi. Her drivers license was in there he realized that it was the wrong one. His expression turned Grimm and hers turned way grimmer. ALL of the money for the entire trip was in there. NOO! Her drivers lisence and credit card were also in their. They checked their bank account balance to see if someone took any money from it. Everything seemed normal, good. We checked through receipts to see where it might be- it obviously wasn’t in the camper.

We checked through my blog posts to see what we did through the days and maybe we could find the right place that she Mandy have left it. It seemed hopeless but possibly worth a try. We called a store back down in Bozeman Montana. Extreme relief that none of us had EVER experienced in our lives swept over us like a TSUNAMI. We were completely saved, we would be in extreme sadness. Even depression. So much money would have been lost, and even worse our entire trip was broken. Canceled. Done. We were so exhausted from the extreme stress put on us that was immediately wiped away at once, it was a very weird feeling!

Mountain Biking

Even though my day STARTED when I woke up early at 8:00, I did not REALLY start the day until the relaxing time was over and the Mountain Biking time started. We got our bikes out and drove over into the forest. There was a sign that had said that biking was prohibited but it was the middle of nowhere so we decided that it was alright. There were trees everywhere and rivers that we passed with the sound of a magnificent Oceanside by California or Florida. The sights everywhere around us were simply surreal and we were all in awe of the beauty surrounding us everywhere.

While on the way of the short journey we somehow met a woman that was gathering the magnificent flowers that were scattered everywhere across the wooded terrain. She told us that the flowers were actually used all the time by their family beacause they served a huge veriety of purposes at were extremely helpful. Some of the ones I can recall were for many sicknesses and can be used as bug spray as well. She told us that you could make tea out of it by drying them out and then boiling em. Is tea could now be used as mosquito repellent or to treat a nasty cold.

We biked through town and saw a lot of buildings that we decided o check out. There were hundreds of gift shops lined across the sides of the streets, so we walked into the first one we saw and let our bikes stand proudly in a cluster outside. There were many interesting items and I got a shirt that was extremely cheap. Most shirts are $20 but I got one for e price of $5. That’s good, right?

Anyway after we were done shopping we passed the other hundreds of gift shops that were literally everywhere. It is so weird because all of e gift shops were only in one are; nowhere else. Same with the resteraunts and museums! How odd. Once interesting thing that we also saw was a train car that surpassed the fancies of the presidents car by far (in 1903 standards). The train was used by many people for different things. First as an actual train car, then as a house, and then for a museum after that. There were many rooms that were extremely fancy with antique furniture and grand high ceilings lined with golden chandeliers.

After that we rode around for a ore few hours until we were pumped out and went back home. The rest of he day was spent at the park talking with some new friends there and hanging out. This was the end to our time Yellowstone area, but we first had to eat some buffalo jerky which was apparently native to the area! Sadly I started to not feel so good. I got weaker and weaker until I was almost unable to walk. I lay in bed for a long time just trying to sleep so I would get better. My dad decided to drive all the way back there to get some of those magical flowers that were supposed to cure me.

I lay in bed for a long time until he came home and dried the, out. One terrible half hour later he came back and boiled them and gave it to me. I came outside and sat on the bench with my parents (my brother was still making friends at the park and riding his bike with them) and sat down to try my best to relax. I did not feel very good at all; my head hurt, my throat ached, and I was slightly confused as well. We eventually went to a bar in order to order the buffalo burgers to eat but I didn’t want any. I tried to get some soup but couldn’t eat that either. I would like to add that going to a bar may be a little bit confusing because I am a little underage, I would like to point out that the bar portion was NOT open until 9:00.

I got a to-go box as the only one that hadn’t finished (or more accurately started) my meal. I still don’t know where it is now, but it’s alright. It’s not like I’m missing Idaho’s famous potatos, right? Anyway, he rest of the night was not very enjoyable as I could not relax nor fall asleep. The beginning of the day was very enjoyable, and that is what I decided to focus on.

Yellowstone National Park

Add one more day to the ADVENTUROUS category. The way I see it, each of my posts have a relative theme. The ADVENTUROUS category is reserved for the events I have experienced such as getting charged by an Elk, White water Rafting down a waterfall, Etc. The other categories that I have put my posts in may include TRAVEL DAYS and most likely LAZY DAYS as well. Anyway, what made today so special?

After breakfast we were RIGHT back onto the road again. On the long drive there was gorgeous scenery around every single bend that passed on the 2 hour ride that passed soon enough. Once we were there we went right to Yellowstone National Park to witness the famous Old Faithful Geyser. Scratch that, we TRIED to get to witness the Yellowstone National Park’s famous Old Faithful Geyser. We knew there was a lot to see, but there was a LOT more there than we though. The first time we got out we thought we were there. Nope. Yet we couldn’t let the opportunity to walk down the boardwalk across those amazing Hot Springs everywhere! Some of the names given by the park to them were Diamond Core, Sapphire Spurt, and Shell Rock.

Every hot spring area had a different type of Hot spring! I am not an expert on this, so I just realized that I may be offending some of the people out there that are. I do not know if they are actually hot springs or not, I have not done very much research like I normally do for a blog post; I have only seen the real thing in person. Anyway, they were beautiful. The first one that we saw was right by the entrance (In which I do not mean the very entrance where you pay to get in, not the one that is conveniently located 3 minutes away from our campground, but the one after the 2 hour drive from the REAL entrance to the first of the geysers). Its color was a deep blue color and had streams of beautiful Orange and Red bacteria among the sides of it.

The next few were all different from each other. Some of them looked like structures that the Flinn Stones used to live in (Just a Disclaimer, I have not actually seen that show for I am only a Teen, I have only heard about it through my parents). One of them you could see bubbles but they would so oddly disappear before hitting the surface. Later on we saw the bubbles that were back there (probably connected by some sort of underground tube) splashing chunks of boiling mud upon arrival of the surface. There was an ongoing loop around the entire thing so we did not have to turn back.

The path led right back to our car that looked like it was shoved too far out of its parking space and into the Pine trees ahead… Nobody else noticed that, just me. Nobody cared either… Anyway, it was another 45 minutes until we got to the next location. We found many more amazing sights on the next boardwalk adventure, but going to the next we saw an insane geyser that we thought must have been old faithful. The other people (the few that actually spoke English) said that it wasn’t! It took a while to find Old Faithful but it wasn’t hard once we saw the thousands of cars scattered everywhere across the large parking lot. Walking in it started to rain. Right when we got out of the car! Ugh. We were so lucky it was not bad like it had been every time it rained (which was almost every day). IT did not last long, and the time we had went to use the restrooms we came out and went to the large Colosseum where the insane geyser lay.

The timing was impeccable. Right when we got there and sat down the geyser started to act up. What happened next made then entire rest of the day look Pathetic. The geyser erupted about 186.5 feet into the air, spurting 8,500 GALLEONS of boiling hot volcanic water into the air. The steam was simply amazing! We decided that this was enough for the day. After that, we were not sure if we wanted to keep trying to get a better experience than that one- it was NOT going to happen!! Besides, we would be there tomorrow.

We decided to check out the gift shop and I finally found something that I wanted. I had not bought a single (big) souvenir until now. I got a Wolf plush that said Yellowstone on the tag.

It was very early at night so we had a lot of time to do what we wanted. I spent some time with some other guys I met at the park and threw people around in a large tire. When it started to get dark about an hour later I decided to come home and blog, which is obviously what I did for the rest of the night. My wolf plush that I now have has been right next to me the entire time while I have been blogging as well! I thought that maybe he could be the mascot for the trip that we want in every photo even though I am the buyer; I have not quite officially put this idea out yet, but I will try to maybe bring it up tomorrow. What a cool day!

Bozeman, Montana

“Where is Everybody?” When I woke up, there was literally nobody around! I was up for a bit reading my book and then I all the sudden got a few texts from my lost (or perhaps I was the lost one) family that had left somewhere without me. I got out of bed, still practically asleep, and languidly wandered to my device.

I had a few text messages asking if I was up yet… I asked where they were and they responded that they were at breakfast! I ran to breakfast in what I had on (I was so tired last night that even though it was only 10:30 I went to sleep in that day’s clothes) to where the Continental Breakfast was being held.

When I got there they were closing but I didn’t know that… I just ran inside. Nobody told me that they were closed, so I didn’t know that it was until later that day hen my brother told me. I grabbed everything I could and ran outside to join everyone. Not a good way to start the morning! The day after 4th of July, I was pretty tired meaning I didn’t actually “wake up” until about noon when I jumped in a 48 degree (Fahrenheit) pool that REALLY woke me up.

The place I went to was a hot springs and spa lounge. They must have had Dozens of pools ranging from 48 degrees to 106 degrees. We were there for about 3 hours and then went home to take a short break. After that we were there for another few hours until we saw lightning hit near our pool and decided to get out. Oddly the people running the lounge didn’t do anything about it.

I went home and googled movie times for my family and I to go to. The new Pirates Of the Caribbean movie had just come out and everyone wanted to see it so I decided we should just do it! It was a great movie and everyone enjoyed it. I’m not giving any details about the movie, but I don’t think there was exactly enough Johnny- I mean Jack Sparrow in it. What an amazing movie though!

Fourth Of July

download (1).jpg

The 4th of July has come my fellow Americans! I have forgotten to also mention for my fellow Canadians 3 days ago was Canada’s birthday! I actually thought Canada was a lot older than America, yet apparently not true! Canada became a country in 1867 while America became a country (almost a HUNDRED years before) in 1776!

Anyway, I decided to take a short break from blogging. Do not worry at ALL, the very short break from blogging has already ended. I felt that the break I took (Which was only one day) relieved a little bit of stress that was put on me to blog EVERY day and respond to every comment and question that was asked. I think that I will be taking a one day break once a week and fill it in with the next days post, as I did yesterday. I have realized that I do post a lot more than some of the other blog channels I have seen on my Discover page, which is why I feel in the first place that I was “allowed” to make another post to fill in for the one I missed a day late. I hope everybody understands.

Now, for what I was ORIGINALLY going to make my post about. It wasn’t until 10:00 when I got into the car with my brother to go to a small town further north to spend the day. Because of all the fishing gear in the front seat, I had to sit in back instead. Once we got there we walked along the boardwalk to look at the buildings that might be interesting to check out. That was half of it, what I was doing was trying to find the bathroom. One of the buildings had a sign on it saying that they had cold drinks and public bathrooms.

The same building was a rock company that sold all kinds of knives/gems. While I was there I saw what it had to offer. What I found was a lot of bags that had a few gems inside of them that were mixed with a lot of rubble. It sounded like a scam in the beginning, but when we bought a $25 bag and soon enough found out that it was worth the money! Inside the bag was tons of awesome crystals that were actually worth some money! I’m sure we found at least a hundred total crystals (and shark teeth) One of the shark teeth that I dug up was most likely an actual Megaladon tooth. It was not even complete, just a third of one yet it was STILL 2 inches long.

The best part of the little town was the candy shop. Some locals told us that they had the BEST candy in the United States! I got 2 pieces of taffy and some brownie: They were most likely right, excluding all the big companies like Snickers and Skittles Etc. That wast he end for that small little town! We left to go see a concert under the stars… and fireworks. Let me remind everyone, this was YESTERDAY, July 3rd. How odd! They thought that it would be best to do it on a MONDAY! It was long (yet very thankfully fun)!

The party lasted until almost midnight, which gave me the chance to sleep till a semi-average time today (for the first time since the trip began).


As everyone already knows, I spend a lot of my time blogging and, in fact, have become a full time blogger. I sometimes I will spend hours working on my blog on days and sometimes I just log on and make a single post before logging off. I spent most of my morning doing that today. A short period of time was dedicated to my book, but I ended up exceeding the time I had givin myself and ended unable to check on my blog before breakfast was made (the reason that I may have not replied to some comments or questions).Breakfast was short, it was just cereal. Unlike normal days I wasn’t hungry and I only had one bowl instead of the usual two or three that I would have on a normal day. Let me refrase that, actually: on a normal day I would wake up and do the same thing over and over without having breakfast lunch and, if I wasn’t so hungry, dinner. That would describe either my weekend or summer, of course. Now that I am on a huge vacation away (permanately) from everything, my average day would look like today.

Around noon everyone got into the car and then (obviously) we were off. The drive was extraordinarily long, however, I did have a great book to read so by the time we were there I once again didn’t want to get out of the car. Looking back on it I probably shouldn’t have. The wait was an hour long! My brother and I walked to the front desk and gave the man our tickets. A little while passed by when we started telling jokes and conversations, and it helped both of us get through the wait that we wanted (in his case that was work of course).

Of course nobody wants to hear about the waiting necessary in order to go to the caves (I do realize that I have not said where I was going until now, that was part of the suspense for if you didn’t read the title). Anyway: we got our guide who was probably just a couple of years older that I was. She was hilarious though, which made our tour just that much better. We had to hike in hundred degree temperatures across 8 different checkpoints on the mountainside to get to our destination. The worst part was that I was in my BLACK leather JACKET! We needed our jackets for the cave as it would be around 60-70 degrees in there on average. Immediate relief leterally swept past me as I walked through the enterence of the cave.It took the guide a little while to get there because she had left after us, but when she eventually did she then told us the story of how the caves were found and used before we went into the cave to explore what it had to offer.

“Two hunters were hunting game in the wild when one of them saw something odd in the distance: smoke. They went to check it out, and the smoke was coming from the cave. They threw rocks down and tried to see how far they would go: about 50 feet or so. They wanted to check it out but knew that they were un-equipped for the job. They came back a little while later (six YEARS, actually) and checked it out. What is the first thing that someone would ask when making a new discovery? How can I make some money from this. They got a local from the area to check it out and they started leading tours right after. The CCC however came and took it away because they had found it on their land. They put a lock over the gate that they founders had originally put over it and claimed it as theirs. They had, however, heard of bolt cutters. They cut through the bars and illegally lead tours until 1933 when it was officially shut down.

When going in there was a large metal door that the guide needed to unlock the door (from past experiences with caves I know that they are there so nobody can break in and take anything). Walking in everything was lit by yellowish LED lights that were actually powered by the city energy supply from a very complicated wiring system. On the left, once down the stairs, was a 90 foot cliff that had broken all of the bones in an uncareful man’s body after falling down from half way. I do realize that this post is a long, maybe a little bit TOO long for some of you guys to read all of it, so I’m going to skip to the end so I can simplify it: there were columns and popcorn shaped minerals and thousands of different cave formations that grew everywhere.

It was pretty amazing to see it all everywhere! The guide told us to get away from all stairs and get to the center of the room. Then she turned off all the lights and you could see LESS than nothing, I swear. One man had apparently tried to come down with a flashlight to steal cave formations but his flashlight broke. He went mentally insane. When they found. He thought he was staining up in the middle of a room yet he was really laying on his side with his body partially stuck in a small cave hole! He was down there for 50 hours. Wow. When we were st the end, however, there was a five hundred and fifty three foot cavern that was man made. When the air from outside met with the cool,air inside when they met, however, it would break someone’s skull form the 60 mile an hour winds that came through the chamber. They solved the problem by putting two doors, opening one, closing it, opening the other, then closing it. What a cool place to be able to see!

World Mining Center

After taking the long drive this morning (see that post here) was when the adventure started. The drive there was interesting, yet nowhere near as fun as any other days that we have experienced (such as becoming a billionaire, White Water Rafting off a waterfall, or getting charged by an elk [all of these scenarios actually HAVE occurred on my current travel adventure], Etc.) Today, however, was the day we went to the World Mining Center of Butte, Montana. None of us knew it, but Butte Montana was a complete mining town. Oddly enough, all of the buildings were either completely broken down and trashed or extremely well kept and in great condition!

 The World Mining Center was right behind the Montana Tech Institute (which was ALSO oddly not a tech institute like stated but a Miner Training Center). Walking in was the gift shop where they sold rocks and other random things and souvenirs that applied to mining, but that was nothing. When I walked outside, there was an entire mining town there. The stuff inside was all buildings were staged with things that would have actually been there (old Coca Cola machines, old cigarettes, beer bottles, Etc.) but the buildings were COMPLETELY legit. I thought that was the cool part. How awesome was it to travel back in time like that? There have been other times that are much more simulating about past cultures complete with old cars and jukeboxes and stuff, but it was still really cool.

I was very wrong thinking that that was the coolest part. The cool part was going into an actual mine. Walking in there was a few minecarts and small cheap lights for working deep underground. Eventually there was an area where it had collapsed, but it was interesting being in the dense atmosphere with the darkness everywhere, showing you how depressing it would have been to be a child or adult working 12 hours a day there for 6 days a week! There was also an underground museum part. In the museum were large machines and real sticks of dynamite behind glass, which I also thought as quite fascinating.

The tower that dangled the minecarts thousands of feet down below the surface was around 80 feet tall (at LEAST). We climbed to the top of it on not-so-sturdy stairs to to get to the top. You could see the entire mine from up there! The last thing I saw before I left was the memorial. It was kind of like the Pearl Harbor memorial with all of the dead soldiers,  it this time it was miners. There was at least a few thousand names names there and one of the men had actually fiven his life to save 50 other of his crew mates before the poisnous gass caught up and killed him too. Butte Montana is a neat place!

Travel Day

As you may have noticed, I did not post yesterday. Yesterday, I feel, did not have anything, exactly, post worthy. Therefore, I will be posting the two days into one blog post. Yesterday was the day that we left the hotel. After we got on the road, it was an hour drive back to where we had left the trailer the previous day. At that point, our dad had to take the rental car back and get our regular Beast (what we call our massive black truck that is used to pull “beauty” across America). 

He was gone for about 5 hours needing to drive there, wait for the truck to actually finish getting fixed, and then drive it home. What we did was waste about 3 hours at the library. We biked over to it and went inside. We’re we there to gain knowledge that would help us succeed in life? No, of course not! We got onto the computer and wasted most of our time there. Once finished we went home, I went to sleep a little bit, and then read until he came home. I told you, it was a boring day. We left and drove the remaining 4-5 hours that we needed to get to the next state, Montana, and then stopped at a truck stop to stay the night. 

The next morning there was not much longer that was needed to drive. I was woken up at 9:00 so we could drive the remaining way to our destination. My dad taught my mother how to drive the trailer, so it took a little while longer to get there (not saying she did a bad job, obviously). We stopped to eat lunch in the middle of a half abandon town. There were buildings that stipped being built, and a mess of rotting wood and oxidized metal lay scattered or in large clumps across the poor landscape. There were glass and broken shards and spider webs in the other buildings composed of rotting wood and peeling paint everywhere that were at some point family businesses. Like I said, we didn’t stay long, just for lunch. Then we got back onto the road again and saw a crazy looking Lake that looked like large fingers carved through it and ripped some of the waves in half. That was about the whole day: sometimes we will have adventure, sometimes there will be just big driving days. In the future I realized that I should just not post on these kinds of days, but I thought I should add a little message saying that right now. 

A Shooting in Jackson

Today was the first day of the trip that we did not spend living in our lovely camper! The morning was very busy but exciting as well. My dad went to take the truck to the mechanic to see in anything was wrong it (we found out later that something was actually wrong with it). Before leaving, however, we needed to move the trailer because the truck would be gone and we would not be able to do it later. I sighed because I knew I was going to need to get up and help get the trailer ready to move, but they told me I could just go and sit in the front of the trailer. Before I knew it, we were moving. I don’t even know if that is fully legal because it wasn’t built to have passengers, but it doesn’t really matter because I got to sleep longer and the trailer wasn’t moved far.

For another hour or two I relaxed and read my favorite book while I layer down and rested. There was a new Truck next to our camper and I didn’t know that it was ours until I got up and walked out side. It started hailing pretty hard, some of the white stones actually hurt a bit. We loaded the car, and that was the last time we would see it for the rest of the day. The drive to Jackson Hole (Wyoming, of course) was amazing, as usual on most all of our deives that we have been on. When we got to the quaint little town of about 20,000 population (well, quaint compared to what I actually thought it was before we got there) some of the buildings were very interesting, such as the many art building spread all around the town that took up half of it.

After that we went back to the hotel room that we had rented for the night earlier that day. For a short while our parents relaxed while my brother and I watched TV and read our books more. After that we went outside again to walk around. We gathered around where a lot of other people were standing, and we saw some people inside with guns. A weastern shootout! Wait. Those guns were real? One of them aimed the gun at the other and the other man grabbed somebody else held them down. The rest of the gang came out onto the street with other guns and knives. Then the guns started firing. They were SO loud!

The guns only had blanks in them, but what a wonderful act they put on! Everybody was amused and applauded when when it was over, most of them offered some money into the hats. What an amazing street performance! After that we bought pizza and walked around. At one store in particular, we saw a real a real Triceratops skull which was huge. But it was worth its weight in gold… 300 Thousand Dollars! Everything there was so expensive, so we went home and went to bed once we were done looking and went to sleep.