Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is an AMAZING place. I would actually love to live there, and by the time the journey there was over, I was not ready to move on to the next destination! After the time that I “trained” at the D-Day Parkour area (which was also in Wisconsin dells) we took a trip to the worlds biggest water park. It was amazing there and we stayed for quite a long while. After the lazy morning the daily adventure really started when we entered the park. The first thing we did was rent out a locker and put our stuff inside. After that we were free to explore. Our goal was to try and hit every ride (and attraction) in the park. We started that at the wave pool.

When I was in Florida with our cousins there were 2 water parks near Disney world that were INSANE. The wave pools were especially large. I remember not being able to walk normally for 2 hours for how much the wave pools shook me up! I do have to say that the wave pool here was spectacular but not quite as impressive as either of the ones in Florida. After the wave pool, which lasted about 20 minutes, we went to the large rides. Some of them were a hundred feet up in the air and went strait down. Some of the rides were body slides; some of them were one- person raft rides, and some were 6-person tube rides. 

 After we were done with all the rides we headed home and watched some of our favorite shows again. We were able to stay awake for two, but we could always watch more tomorrow. That was the end of that our time in Wisconsin dells because the next morning we packed up and left after getting some Curds from Culver’s. This has been my favorite destination so far.

Yellowstone National Park

Add one more day to the ADVENTUROUS category. The way I see it, each of my posts have a relative theme. The ADVENTUROUS category is reserved for the events I have experienced such as getting charged by an Elk, White water Rafting down a waterfall, Etc. The other categories that I have put my posts in may include TRAVEL DAYS and most likely LAZY DAYS as well. Anyway, what made today so special?

After breakfast we were RIGHT back onto the road again. On the long drive there was gorgeous scenery around every single bend that passed on the 2 hour ride that passed soon enough. Once we were there we went right to Yellowstone National Park to witness the famous Old Faithful Geyser. Scratch that, we TRIED to get to witness the Yellowstone National Park’s famous Old Faithful Geyser. We knew there was a lot to see, but there was a LOT more there than we though. The first time we got out we thought we were there. Nope. Yet we couldn’t let the opportunity to walk down the boardwalk across those amazing Hot Springs everywhere! Some of the names given by the park to them were Diamond Core, Sapphire Spurt, and Shell Rock.

Every hot spring area had a different type of Hot spring! I am not an expert on this, so I just realized that I may be offending some of the people out there that are. I do not know if they are actually hot springs or not, I have not done very much research like I normally do for a blog post; I have only seen the real thing in person. Anyway, they were beautiful. The first one that we saw was right by the entrance (In which I do not mean the very entrance where you pay to get in, not the one that is conveniently located 3 minutes away from our campground, but the one after the 2 hour drive from the REAL entrance to the first of the geysers). Its color was a deep blue color and had streams of beautiful Orange and Red bacteria among the sides of it.

The next few were all different from each other. Some of them looked like structures that the Flinn Stones used to live in (Just a Disclaimer, I have not actually seen that show for I am only a Teen, I have only heard about it through my parents). One of them you could see bubbles but they would so oddly disappear before hitting the surface. Later on we saw the bubbles that were back there (probably connected by some sort of underground tube) splashing chunks of boiling mud upon arrival of the surface. There was an ongoing loop around the entire thing so we did not have to turn back.

The path led right back to our car that looked like it was shoved too far out of its parking space and into the Pine trees ahead… Nobody else noticed that, just me. Nobody cared either… Anyway, it was another 45 minutes until we got to the next location. We found many more amazing sights on the next boardwalk adventure, but going to the next we saw an insane geyser that we thought must have been old faithful. The other people (the few that actually spoke English) said that it wasn’t! It took a while to find Old Faithful but it wasn’t hard once we saw the thousands of cars scattered everywhere across the large parking lot. Walking in it started to rain. Right when we got out of the car! Ugh. We were so lucky it was not bad like it had been every time it rained (which was almost every day). IT did not last long, and the time we had went to use the restrooms we came out and went to the large Colosseum where the insane geyser lay.

The timing was impeccable. Right when we got there and sat down the geyser started to act up. What happened next made then entire rest of the day look Pathetic. The geyser erupted about 186.5 feet into the air, spurting 8,500 GALLEONS of boiling hot volcanic water into the air. The steam was simply amazing! We decided that this was enough for the day. After that, we were not sure if we wanted to keep trying to get a better experience than that one- it was NOT going to happen!! Besides, we would be there tomorrow.

We decided to check out the gift shop and I finally found something that I wanted. I had not bought a single (big) souvenir until now. I got a Wolf plush that said Yellowstone on the tag.

It was very early at night so we had a lot of time to do what we wanted. I spent some time with some other guys I met at the park and threw people around in a large tire. When it started to get dark about an hour later I decided to come home and blog, which is obviously what I did for the rest of the night. My wolf plush that I now have has been right next to me the entire time while I have been blogging as well! I thought that maybe he could be the mascot for the trip that we want in every photo even though I am the buyer; I have not quite officially put this idea out yet, but I will try to maybe bring it up tomorrow. What a cool day!