We made it!

Here we are in California! It was a long 5 hour trip, a whole hour longer than expected since the traffic was so bad. We ate dinner last night and it was some delicious and warm meatball and spaghetti mix. Anyway, last night we watched some TV while my dad played cards. We saw raiders of the lost ark, and Aidan didn’t remember it. I did, since we all saw it together as a family in our old house. I love that movie, even though it is very old… almost 30 years old. The acting is so well done, and I think all together Indiana made the movie great because, after all, it IS a classic, isn’t it? After the movie ended, we went to bed and I slept on our couch. I know, what was our couch doing in California? Well, we were going to California to give our couch to our grandma, and it was also her birthday. We had to move, so instead of selling the once red now dark red couch (that is ALSO as old as I am), we gave it to our grandma, who needed another couch in her new house. Altogether, we all had a lot of fun, and Aidan and I were both VERY glad that we hadn’t eaten all of the jerky in the car ride. Well, that was mostly beacause of me… like I said, Aidan could not stop eating… so I threw the bag all the way to the very back of the car. Whoops.