The Bookstore In Maine


Maine was by far one of the best places on the trip. Portland was our next destination and we were about to meet some of our mothers friends at their bookstore there. After only about an hour or two from Old Orchard Beach we were finally arrived, and found a place to park. Portland had rich culture and we were very excited to experience it! The bookstore we were going to was called Carlson and Turner. The book store was great, and known for their antiques. There was art on the walls, and a sight that you wouldn’t see much anymore- a moving ladder on the wall. This shop was dedicated to very old stuff! While we were there we asked them about places to see and met them and their dog.

The first place we wanted to go was to the waterfront. We found a great restaurant that was a converted Yacht. Once we found a great place to sit we ordered delicious crab meals. I got the crab sandwich, which was a lot more than it sounded like. It was the absolute best thing I had ever tasted!

Portland was a very commercialized city- much more than we thought. There were many venders along side the ocean, but the stuff was a little too expensive for our liking- so we moved on. We checked out a bunch of shops and we found a deal on T-shirts, but they were so plain we didn’t get them- They didn’t even say Portland or Maine on it. After we checked out the city, we left to see the famous light house that everyone was talking about! We got the chance to meet some locals (which my dad thought were Spanish but were Jamaican- I’m trying to learn Spanish) and were able to experience the absolutely stunning view. After that, the time had come to go back- we left to get to Old Orchard Beach again, and hung out at the beach before returning home and getting a good nights sleep for the following day- trying famous Maine Lobster!



On our 7 month adventure we finally got to Maine! We were very excited about our campsite because it had some crazy things such as a movie theater, A fishing/boating pond, an Ice Cream and pizza parlor, and even more. It was partly a portable home neighborhood, and partly a rental RV park. The best part of all was that it was only a 3 minute walk from the glorious downtown, named OOB (or Old Orchard Beach)-which was an cool sea village. After we first set up our camper, we were gong to take our bikes and ride through the park and into that town, to hopefully get to the beach. The best part about the town was how home-ish it felt. Each one-story shop was filled with great souvenirs that were of great prices and quality. Unfortunately, the pier at the beach (the beach was fabulous, by the way) was not very good.

The reason we went to the pier in the first place was because my little brother needed to use the bathroom. There was a man there collecting money in a 50 cents cup in order to even use the bathroom! The worst part was that we doubted that he even belonged there… We did not have any money and he said that he might not make it back in time, much less with a bike to carry back, and a kind man there payed a dollar so that him and my brother could both use the bathroom. Although we were impressed with the town (unlike the commercialized pier) we decided that we would have plenty of time to check it out one other day of the week that we would be there and call it a night. After we left to go back we had a nice BBQ and did just that. This is just one more adventure on our 7 month cross-country journey, with many more to come.