Mountain Biking

Even though my day STARTED when I woke up early at 8:00, I did not REALLY start the day until the relaxing time was over and the Mountain Biking time started. We got our bikes out and drove over into the forest. There was a sign that had said that biking was prohibited but it was the middle of nowhere so we decided that it was alright. There were trees everywhere and rivers that we passed with the sound of a magnificent Oceanside by California or Florida. The sights everywhere around us were simply surreal and we were all in awe of the beauty surrounding us everywhere.

While on the way of the short journey we somehow met a woman that was gathering the magnificent flowers that were scattered everywhere across the wooded terrain. She told us that the flowers were actually used all the time by their family beacause they served a huge veriety of purposes at were extremely helpful. Some of the ones I can recall were for many sicknesses and can be used as bug spray as well. She told us that you could make tea out of it by drying them out and then boiling em. Is tea could now be used as mosquito repellent or to treat a nasty cold.

We biked through town and saw a lot of buildings that we decided o check out. There were hundreds of gift shops lined across the sides of the streets, so we walked into the first one we saw and let our bikes stand proudly in a cluster outside. There were many interesting items and I got a shirt that was extremely cheap. Most shirts are $20 but I got one for e price of $5. That’s good, right?

Anyway after we were done shopping we passed the other hundreds of gift shops that were literally everywhere. It is so weird because all of e gift shops were only in one are; nowhere else. Same with the resteraunts and museums! How odd. Once interesting thing that we also saw was a train car that surpassed the fancies of the presidents car by far (in 1903 standards). The train was used by many people for different things. First as an actual train car, then as a house, and then for a museum after that. There were many rooms that were extremely fancy with antique furniture and grand high ceilings lined with golden chandeliers.

After that we rode around for a ore few hours until we were pumped out and went back home. The rest of he day was spent at the park talking with some new friends there and hanging out. This was the end to our time Yellowstone area, but we first had to eat some buffalo jerky which was apparently native to the area! Sadly I started to not feel so good. I got weaker and weaker until I was almost unable to walk. I lay in bed for a long time just trying to sleep so I would get better. My dad decided to drive all the way back there to get some of those magical flowers that were supposed to cure me.

I lay in bed for a long time until he came home and dried the, out. One terrible half hour later he came back and boiled them and gave it to me. I came outside and sat on the bench with my parents (my brother was still making friends at the park and riding his bike with them) and sat down to try my best to relax. I did not feel very good at all; my head hurt, my throat ached, and I was slightly confused as well. We eventually went to a bar in order to order the buffalo burgers to eat but I didn’t want any. I tried to get some soup but couldn’t eat that either. I would like to add that going to a bar may be a little bit confusing because I am a little underage, I would like to point out that the bar portion was NOT open until 9:00.

I got a to-go box as the only one that hadn’t finished (or more accurately started) my meal. I still don’t know where it is now, but it’s alright. It’s not like I’m missing Idaho’s famous potatos, right? Anyway, he rest of the night was not very enjoyable as I could not relax nor fall asleep. The beginning of the day was very enjoyable, and that is what I decided to focus on.