Recent Planning Updates

As we are getting closer, more of our big new adventure is being completed. Now, the entire trip is for July is planned! I will update my blog with August, but for now it is still under construction. I am very excited with the release with this information, because my birthday is after all in this month, and we will go to Mt. Rushmore, a very exciting landmark in America. We will be doing a lot more than that, along with a lot of driving and candy-eating, and a lot of fun and adventure to come as well!

Stalking up for the Trip!

I have been saving up candy and some nice foods for those long days or 8-9 hour trips ahead… only 2 months until we are out of our house and on the road for 6 months! I have been saving chocolate, candies, and other miscellaneous items of deliciousness as much as I can, including a 1 LB large candy for a REALLY busy day! I have arranged $7.50 worth of American currency quarters, and I store it all in a bin in our cozy trailer for gas station last minute candy if I don’t have enough…. I’m getting SO hyped!

We sold our car!

We just took one large leap closer to our trip when we sold our Volvo. We needed to sell it, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to go on our grand old’ trip around America and Canada! We got a nice deal and the people live right next to us a block away, and we are very happy with this accomplishment. We really ARE getting closer and closer every day!

Large boxes Little Storage

When my dad asked me to go to the storage unit and help him lift boxes, I thought “completely, no.” However, I did decide to go and I was happy that I did. It was actually a lot of fun, even though There was not much to do at first. Then, when we got into the unit, we lifted a total of about 90 lbs worth of crates. We put them all into the corner of the storage room after the boxes were pushed down an elevator and into our trailer and down again. They had to be completely sorted out in KEEP, PUT INTO STORAGE, and THROW OUT OR DONATE. Every, single, one of them.

Planning the Big Trip

Even though I myself can’t plan the trip, I can plan the investments. My parents have put me in charge of costs, like how much it will cost to go HERE, and how much it will cost to go THERE. I also must conserve my OWN money to help out. I have calculated that I will 100% get a total of $492 or more by the beginning of the trip. So far, I have planned that 14% of the money I will spend will for sure be on games, such as admission fees or candy that I decide to buy. I have also set aside $7.50 for arcades at resorts or candy vending machines for $0.25 each, which is well over enough. I have set aside another 6% for postcards and other items for my friends, and I have already set different contacts other an blogging so I can see them anyway. 64% of the money will go for traditional souvineers that can be found nowhere else. I am planning, since we are in the trailer, to get small souvineers that won’t be T-Shirts or Giant GiftShop items that will completely fill it past its living capacity. The last 16% will be random stuff that I will decide to buy if I’d like to, so it’s all under the category of “miscellaneous”.

Starving Artist

As we were looking through storage, I saw the BEST drawing that I have ever created. If you doubt that it really WAS me, or that a kid could draw something like that, then look in the very bottom right corner. I love this one that I made last year in the old house, because I made it for my parents to have. I drew a serpent climbing up a tree, and I really like it and would like to show it off because I am very proud of it.

KFC rocks!

My brother left to go to a friends house at the same time both of my parents were at Benjas for a date night ( I love benjas! ) which was very bad timing. My grandma, however, was here to keep me company. Not just that, but she took us out to KFC! KFC has my favorite root bear and Popcorn Chicke, which are both so good with mash potatoes. So, I ordered all 3! Thanks to the amazing and extremely friendly KFC staff, it was so fun teaching my grandma how to access my family’s blogging accounts, and eating and telling stories. The night was amazing, and everything went exactly as planned… or actually, NOT as planned! ( In a good way, of course! )

Successful Sales


A dreaded garage Sale turned into a very fun and successful event. In owl I made $61 just by selling legos. I made a total of around 18 sales, with an average of about $3 each sale. That’s pretty good, I think! I have been saving my money for around 2 years, and now I will have a total of almost $500 by June first, the beginning of our trip! Our family got rid of s lot of furniture which we REALLY needed to happen, but I made around 16 of my sales in the first 3 of 7 hours. In the other 4 hours I only made 2 sales, in which one was very good. I met a lot of nice kids and people my mime work with. I even met the parents of some kids in my grade! I think that I totally got more than expected ( around $20 ) and Ryan I got more stuff out of the way. I can’t wait for the next 2!

Planning is Stressful


Even though we just got home from a relaxing trip, worry and stress are now back. In approximately a short 2 and a half months, we have to be out of our house and on the road. My family and I are always trying to constantly get things done around the house, and so far we’ve been doing ok. A garage Sale is taking place the next day, which is starting at only 8:00… in the morning! We have, however, cleaned out the garage and the entire hidden room mostly out, so we are good on that. With our bedrooms and living rooms, and everything else to account for. I have been really hoping that things will turn around during these next few months, so we can have as much fun as my family and I could possibly have on our huge trip together!

Home at Last

When our car pulled into the driveway, everyone was so everjoyed to get out that we got our stuff and rushed to the house. Each one of us could probably sleep on an unsturdy bed of nails. After the time change, it was 11:30 Nevada time but 12:30 at our home in Utah. We all went instantly to bed after laying our stuff messily on the floor. I rubbed my eyes so much in exhaustion, that they eventually became hard and dry. And let me tell you, hard and dry eyes are NOT something that you want to feel. The trip was over, but we were stressed now for the BIG trip that was coming up…