Nature’s Finest


On our 7 month cross country trip, this was one of the best places we had seen so far. After driving miles through the gorgeous woods and past amazing streams, we were about to be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views on earth. We first stopped at a perfect 3 story cabin for some delicious hot coco. After we had drank the chocolate up we left to the main room to look around the shops. There were many books bout the flume and we got a brief look at the pictures of post cards. Next, it was time to skip the boring stuff and actually go hiking (not like shopping is BORING or anything)…

The visitor center was surprisingly nice, and we were able to enjoy small pictures on the walls and read about the unfortunate Old Man on the Mountain. The OMM wasn’t a real person, but many people were devastated to hear about when he collapsed around 2004. From the pictures, it was a great sight- he was many yards tall and he really did resemble a man very well! After a short look around we walked up to the desk to receive our passes to get in. Although they were a little bit pricier than we wanted, it was a great deal for what we got. When we first passed the visitor center we needed to get on a bus in order to get to where we needed to go-the start of the trail. There were trees everywhere, sometimes poking out of small ledges and growing out of rocks. The waterfalls were amazing and we were very excited to be able to stretch our legs on the great wooden path that lead us to the best views possible. There were many lakes and ledges, and the bridge that lead over both of them was spectacular. On an 80 foot sheer cliff we were able to lean over and drop stones into the water and watch them fall all the way down. The paths were in great condition, and the park was perfectly preserved! I would HIGHLY recommend visiting this place when you have the chance. After we were all done looking through caves (which were also included along the path) and hiking back we got on the shuttle to go back. When we got back we left to eat. On the left of the visitor center we were able to walk down the hall to a restaurant with a great atmosphere and a perfect view of some of the waterfalls! When we got up and asked to order, the woman said that she already had the meal that we were looking for! She said she was about to throw it out because the family that ordered it left without paying or picking up- she offered to let us have it for free! After we were done eating, savoring every bite, we got up and walked back to our car and our “No Regerts” camper (that’s a story for another day) and left. What a great day!


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