Victor, Idaho

I may have white water raft down a water fall, or been charged by an elk like on the adventures of other days this week, but I got an amazing chance to wake up to golden light streaming in gorgeous flakes through my window to calmly wake me up and start my day! Getting up I wanted to start my new book, but I didn’t end up doing it until later. I probably slept until 8:00 AM, a fairly decent time to wake up.

Today’s objective was not an adventure like the past days of the trip. So far on my journeys, I have had a different adventure every day including becoming a Billionaire, getting charged at by an adult elk, and losing a go-pro while speeding down a waterfall in a raft, to name a few. Today was going to be not a chill day in the beginning, but partially throughout the entire day (therefore my blog today will not be as long as my other 7+ paragraph stories/summaries that I normally do post). Anyway, I relaxed for a while until about 10:30 when I helped get our lovely small (but 6-months temporary) home back onto the road.It took a short while but we were up and ready to go faster than last time.

Now it was time to get on the road! The last thing I did before we were leaving for our next destination was change out $2.00 in bills to 8 quarters just so I could put it into my quarter jar (quarters are my most used coins, they are good for pretty much anything under a dollar). Then we left. The amazing view to northern Idaho was possibly even more spectacular than the one a few days ago from Salt Lake Utah to Snake River Idaho! As in the picture I had selected as the best one taken, there was one area filled with millions of flowers all across for miles in perfect formation across the horizon.

I called my good friend for the first time in a while that I had been sending my post cards to since the beginning of the trip. I talked to him for a long time while we were setting up the camper temporarily to eat a short 20 minute breakfast at around 12:00. Once we were finished I hung up, set, and got back on the road to finish the drive. We went through a large canyon with trees that were EVERYWHERE. Once we got there it took us only a few minutes to set up and get comfertable. I settled down with a good book for a while and that’s what I did until I went on a short bike ride. There were birds and more flowers everywhere, and the population was probably only less than a outstanding. If it weren’t so hot I would have buoyed it more, but I still loved it anyway. After that, we drove to the diner to meet with my mother’s old friend from work. My mom used to be the Vice principal at the Middle school that I went to a little while ago (We burned our old uniforms in the fire yesterday in my last post). If you would like to read here post about her quitting your job, click here:

After dinner the night was lazy and we came home, relaxed, and of course later went to sleep. Today was only a relatively interesting day, but for me it was all that I really needed after the non-stop action since (and before) the trip started!


17 thoughts on “Victor, Idaho

  1. Again another step forward to your journey. You are lucky that you have got a home with an impressive window view, it is so stunning photo, and good selective picture as well. I guess that a great stop in location which it might relieve your mind and refresh soul too. Having a look and taking a deep breath helps from this place, I believe it helps to renew brain cells and giving you more power to concentrate on the further steps to your trip, enjoy it Logan, collect more photos you may become with two or three hobbies ” photographer, Doctor, and writer” all fits you, you so smart, keep it up!😉

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