Visiting Pittsburgh Stadium


After arriving in Pittsburgh the day before we were expecting our first baseball game on the trip! We also expected to see the city too, of course. The first thing that I did to help make that happen was to get up out of my bed and walk over to the brown dresser I had in my room near the back of the camper. A little bit of light trickled in from outside of the window I opened and I came out with my plain grey T-shirt and Jeans on with my Aviator shades tucked halfway into my pocket. I met up with the rest of the family once they came out of their rooms and into our living room. It wasn’t long before we all walked out the door and got buckled up in our seats in the back of our Excursion. I talked to my little brother as we drove out of the campsite and onto the highway way we would drive to the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh had a surprising amount of trees there. A conversation arose and somehow led to going clothes shopping a Walmart. How does that happen? Anyway, after the long drive to Walmart we finally got out of the car and walked in. I’m not going to waste time about talking about Walmart because absolutely everybody knows about Walmart already so I’ll just keep it simple: The pirates are Baseball and the Pittsburgh Steelers are Football. I’m not huge on baseball, but I sure do love football (American football, by the way) so I spent my money on a Steelers shirt. A couple of minutes later we were back on track, and I had switched my gray shirt to the Steelers shirt instead. When we finally snuck up behind the city we were needing to battle a large mountain in order to get up. We parked the car and got out instead. We decided to walk to the top so we would not need to be charged for parking inside of the city. After passing a couple of houses that were nice and well painted (and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars too) we were finally at the top. On our right lay a path near some of the other homes and a large statue of an Indian with a settler learning how to farm. On the left was another way back down the steep hill. We walked to the right and tried to get a passage down with THE INCLINE. THE INCLINE was a box with about 20 or so seats that rode down the hill using a large cog setup that pulled the cars on rails up and down the steep slope on the mountain. The ride was exciting and we were thrilled that we would use another one to come back up. The seats inside of the car were traditional red and yellow and were from about 100 years ago, still working today I guess! It took a lot of walking after we got past the maze of red ropes of a line and out of the building to get to the stadium. We passed a couple of shops and bridges, both of which were abundant throughout the large town that was build almost on TOP of the river there. That is actually incorrect, because there were actually THREE rivers that all connected together. When we were at the top we were able to get a good view of the green mixing with the brown. We walked across the bridge and near the lake where the boat races would take place and then past the water to the stadium. On the way we saw a historic land mark from a war and where the fort used to be, and than we got back to the stadium. We bought our tickets and went in. The stadium was huge! On the first of 4 stories we were escorted to the elevator where a man was inside, waiting for us so we could get to the top. Once we were on the 3rd stories we climbed up the rows to J where we took our seats, 09-14. We waited for the game to start as more and more people came into the stadium. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. Nothing was happening, and the storm clouds that had snuck up on us (We had no idea they were there) were threatening to destroy our chances at seeing the game. While we were waiting, I decided to call my good friend from home, Asher, and talk to him. We talked for a while on FaceTime and halfway through our chat men came out with tractors and a large white tube and set them down. They rolled the tube out into a huge stadium-wide panel of all white. They next got the tractors and drove them across the corners and then in between by each hundred or so yards, but not before the drizzle turned into a large downpour, soaking everybody. People from other rows moved up even though they had emergency rain suits anyway. I talked to Asher for a long time, almost another hour, until other men came onto the field when the clouds looked better. If they had not moved the tractors and the white sheet, an event that caused the entire crowd to cheer, all of our tickets would have been no good. I felt bad for all for those people who left, and I do have to say that I was sad because of the lack of people, even if it DID turn out alright. The game was in all postponed for 3 hours, but I don’t mean the people that left. I mean all of those people that didn’t WANT to come because of the unfortunately predicted weather! Nevertheless, the game was still greatly played. I believe by the score that we left off that the Pirates beat their other team, the Padres, because we eventually had to leave because our parents were tired. ‘Funny how that happens. We eventually went to bed and were very happy for the experience!


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